Monday, November 24, 2008

How are you, Momma Cat?

Remember the kittens? (you can refresh your memory. go here and then here) I always see them running around the neighborhood. Hair uncombed. No shoes. Or even mittens. Looking like it's been days since their last meal.

Sometimes I feel like responding to Momma Cat with a little letter of my own. Sure her cats are growing up and almost out of her house, but what kind of citizens are they turning out to be? They totally roam the neighborhood at ALL hours of the day. In and out of people's yards. On their fences. Rummaging in their garbage.

I guess she really cut me deep when she wrote to me last. I think she must have put a curse on our lawn. We planted our winter rye grass and it is really struggling to grow. The shed is still a mess, but you know what? I have kids to raise- hair to comb, shoes to put on little feet. I just can't bother with a broken door. But my children are happy and well-fed.

I haven't found her blog yet. But then, I haven't really tried to find it. Just don't know if I could handle whatever it is she might say about me. So, I try to steer clear of the feline blog section. So far, so good.

Anyway, I just wish her the best. Raising children is hard. It takes a village, you know. I wonder if her village is helping. Because I'm pretty sure her Tom Cat isn't. Poor little Momma Cat. Maybe that letter was her way of reaching out.

Momma Cat, I hope you read this (and I think you probably follow my blog because there are a few unfamiliar url's on my sitemeter). You have my sincerest meow. Take it for what it's worth. And good luck with the kiddies. (get it? kiddies. like kitties, but kiddies. get it? funny, i know. i crack myself up- all the time.)


Lynn said...

12 years ago, we adopted two of the most wonderful kittens from a wayward mother cat that a friend started to feed...

Mama Cat went on to have 3 more unwanted litters because my friend wouldn't spend the $$$ to get her spayed ( my two kittens were from 2 separate litters 5 months apart)

Put in a nutshell, I am still a little miffed about it ! But oh, I love my cats, Tiara & Tasha !

Tink said...

I went back and read your other 2 posts and this is hysterical! We live near an open field and believe is totally feline city! Sad that your animal control doesn't do anything about it! Ours will. Huh. What is animal control good for if they don't?

uniquelynat said...


thanks for the update on momma cat. i have been wondering about her lately. good to know how she is doing. sad about her babies though. you just never know what kind of life choices the kids will make when they get older. you always hope they will grow up to be good productive members of society. but still one never knows. it's a tough job being a mother. and even tougher being a single parent. i wish her all the best.

i think you should forgive and forget. because i agree that she was probably just reaching out. a struggling know how it goes. they lash out at anyone. you were just her target that day.

good post! funny as usual.

Me said...

You are too cute! I had a stray cat crawl under our fence the other day and I thought of the letter you rec'vd from Mama Cat! As usual you are Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

Randibee said...

ROTFL-that is the only internet acronym I know..lucky for you that your post is so funny so that I can use it. LOL (oh yeah, I know that one too..)

Kellie said...

Shame on Momma Cat. Those kitties are growing up to be hooligans. . . . Don't they care about the gossip that's been circulating around the fire hydrant?