Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote!

It's Election Day!
Did you vote?
I did.
And while I am not going to tell you
everyone and everything I voted for,
I will share with you my vote on one issue.

I voted for Fall!

Summer has been in office long enough
and I think it is
time for a change.
It's like still in the 90's here.
Fall, did you get the memo?
You were supposed to start September 22.
You're just a little behind.
You could have been working
on all those initiatives by now.
But you can be sure of one thing.
No matter when you decide to take office,
you have my full support!

Where are you fall?
I hope you are preparing a grand inauguration.


Lizdee said...

We have had one of the nicest falls so far up here in Utah. It's been moderate temperatures, and only snowed once. I guess our nice warm fall translates into your extended summer.

Wizzard MoM said...

I love that picture -- I especially love FALL COLORS!! I agree it has been a great Fall so far up here in UTAH.

Mechelle said...

I vote for Fall too! It's my favorite season, all the wonderfull smells, and pretty colors, and the temperature dropping. I love it all!

uniquelynat said...

fall sure has my vote! it's my favorite as well. mostly because i associate it with thanksgiving. and thanksgiving= family to me. and those are my favorite as well. i hope you win! i hope you win! you good fall you! (what movie is that from? only edited a little to meet my needs)

cwalk64 said...

I love fall!! but it looks like ours is leaving for winter, so it should be headed down your way.

Me said...

Amen! I second that vote.

Elizabeth said...

where do you find such beautiful pictures? Did you take that? You are very talented if did! If you didn't, can you tell me how you upload such items to your blog- I am very computer stupid and have not yet figured how to upload pics off the internet...help!
oh yeah- i love Fall too:)