Tuesday, November 25, 2008

With Sympathy

My sincerest condolences go out to Mary who lost her blog this past weekend.


I am deeply saddened by the news of the passing of your blog. I couldn't have been more shocked when I read your post of its demise. I have not yet read the obituary, but I am sure it will soon follow and I can't wait to read it and remember all that was wonderful about your little blog. It touched many hearts, gave cause for much LOL and provided us with much needed moments of escape from the every day. It had a way with words and will be sorely missed in the blogging community. However, out of tragedy great things are born and I know that you will carry on and find your way again.

Your little glob touched and no doubt changed many lives. Including mine. I am a better person because of your blog. Have you set up a donation fund? Are you doing a benefit concert? How can we as a blogging community help?

I have never been faced with such a tragedy, but can only imagine the emotions you have been experiencing. Because as we all know, there are five stages of grieving: The denial. The anger. The bargaining. The depression. And, finally, the acceptance. According to the experts you must go through all stages or your healing will never be complete. And if it is not complete, there will be no healing.

You will heal. If you are still feeling the pain, that is a good thing. It proves you are alive, human (which many of us wondered about since you have super-human humor).

Just don't put off living- there is so much for you to still accomplish. Reach for the stars, Mary!

With sympathy,
The Little Wedgie Blog


Me said...

What a sweet tribute. It brought a tear to my eyes. *sniff*

Lynn said...

Oh, how clever...Recently, I changed my background to a festive fall look. Although I kept all my posts, I lost everything else and had to rebuild.

LOL to you Mary !

Tink said...

Beings I am new to your blog and all, I must ask "is this for real?" Yikes! How do you lose a blog? I lost one but it was intentional and then I regretted it HORRIBLY after I pushed the "delete" button. This was a fun tribute to the long lost blog! Great sense of humor.

Merrianne said...

shooooot... her blog was funny :) and i loved her comments on mine, too :(

her blog will be missed ♥

wonder woman said...

I just read the obituary/account of it's murder (manslaughter?)

I am now very afraid of corndogs, leaving my blog unattended, and my computer savvy toddler.

Randibee said...

Who is Mary?

SHERI said...

Hey Steph- I am so glad we found each other. It has been way too long! Were are you guys at? We should try to get together!

uniquelynat said...

i am quite sorry for Mary. I hope she gets it all worked out soon.

just read her posts....so she's not gonna blog for a while? i guess i'm a little bummed now that i've had a glimps into her humor. i would probably have become a follower too....

Stacie said...

agreed, I miss that darn blog already!