Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Gift

There's a favorite Christmas tradition that my family shares- it involves no preparation and no cost and can only be carried out on one day. But, if executed properly, you win bragging rights for the season.

For as long as I can remember we have played this game in my family. This is how it goes: as soon as it becomes Christmas Eve, you search out another family member and say, "Christmas Eve Gift!" before they can say it to you. The legend of the game says that if someone says Christmas Eve Gift to you, you owe them a gift. Of course, we have never given a Christmas Eve Gift-- the fun is in the thrill of being the first to say those special words. Often we will say the magic words to someone as the clock strikes midnight of Christmas Eve Day- and sometimes we aren't able to speak to someone until we gather for Christmas Eve dinner. But you can bet as you walk into my parents house on Christmas Eve, there is someone waiting around the corner, just inside the door to greet you with a "Christmas Eve Gift!" And then you say, "Ah, man!"

I don't know where this tradition began, just that my mom was taught this as young girl and introduced it to my father on their first Christmas together. We have been partakers in this fun tradition ever since.

This morning for the first time in our married lives, the husband "got" me before I "got" him. As I was groggily rolling over and contemplating getting out of bed I heard him say to me, "Christmas Eve Gift!" And I said, "Ah, man!" I'm so proud of him.

So, to all of you I say,
Christmas Eve Gift!!!
And, Merry Christmas tomorrow!!!

Anyway, this is definitely one of my most favorite traditions. What are some of your best Christmas traditions?


georgie said...

what a cute tradition! Merry Christmas to you!

The Master Chief said...

definately one of my favorites, too. glad we agree, s-mama

Merrianne said...

that is a wonderful tradition!! we need more traditions in this family! seriously.

Ashley said...

That's such a fun tradition!! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Michelle said...

This year, we went sledding on Christmas Eve and it was so great that we are deciding to make it a tradition. Does that count? I love traditions!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

That is a beautiful tradition. I miss coming over here. Now that the celebrations are almost behind us I can probably get back into the serious business of blogging again :-). I hope you had a great Christmas , and I wish you and yours the best that 2009 brings.

Sue said...

Steph, That tradition came from your Grandmother Mortensen. I just read your blog from Chris's blog. Did your mom not tell you that? Happy New Year. Love Aunt Sue