Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Clothes Encounters

a while ago i wrote a post about the contents in my dryer that were not supposed to be there (to tell you the truth, i have been so tempted to start a "what i found in the dryer today" column- because i find things daily- and when i say daily, i mean everyday). one of my commenters picked up on the fact that my washing machine looks like a space ship. she is smart as a whip, that one. i don't know how she caught on, but it was like she knew i was crying out for help. and so now i feel that it is time you know that my family and i were the victims of an attempted alien abduction.

i'll just give you a moment to process this.

you know how you go throughout your day- EVERY day- wondering how you would react in the event of an attempted alien abduction? i am here to tell you that how you actually react is nothing like how you imagined you would react. trust me!

we are lucky because we have wormboy at our house. his jedi/darth vader, batman, spider/superman, pilgrim, pirate, wormlike powers are truly what saved us in this situation. i can't go into details for a couple of reasons: 1) because those aliens performed a partial-mind wipe and 2) they told us they would harm all our blog/twitter followers if we revealed certain things. and i totally cannot have that happen. but i will say that i have a brilliant husband who was able to re-work some of what wormboy beat out of those aliens and craft it into a fine washing machine that really does a nice job with our clothes. and i'm especially glad they had a ton of vinyl lettering in a really small font so we could label the different cycles the husband programmed. brilliant!

i'm hoping we are done with the aliens, but you never know. sometimes they come back. or so i have heard. but then, maybe they already have and they performed a total mind-wipe this time. i kinda hope they come back- i could use a freezer.


uniquelynat said...

i don't understand your post.....we may have to talk so you can explain it to me. but i did just click on your add...so my have another cent coming you way. you're welcome.

Tink said...

Yep, those alien abductions are sweet! I hear the aliens are coming this Sunday to kidnap all the goodlooking and gorgeous, so I'm telling you my goodbyes now!

Cynthia said...

You are so hillarious! I loved this post. So, do the aliens fold and put away? Because those kinds of aliens could totally live here.

Lynn said...

Clever !
They are everywhere and they abducted about a million of our MISMATCHY socks...wonder what they want with a sock that doesn't make a PAIR ?

Ask Tink for a years supply of fairy dust...then...no worries, you will be protected and if nothing else, you can fly without a spaceship !

Kellie said...

HAAAAAAAA! I think I'm going to die laughing.