Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's All Geography

My apologies, Hawaii.
Oldest daughter was explaining to me
the fundamentals of Christmas.
Basically, it's like this:
the bigger the state you live in,
the bigger the present you get from Santa.
So, she taught me that Alaska is really lucky.
And bummer for Hawaii.
(her own words)
She informed me that since we are in Arizona
we should expect medium-sized gifts
from ol' Kris Kringle.
The children are feeling pretty lucky.
Good thing we aren't in Rhode Island.
Can you imagine how cool Russia must feel?
How would it be?
And since it is December,
we talk about Christmas all the time.
And not just Santa.
We get to talk about Jesus.
Because they ask about if Santa knows Jesus.
And what I think Santa brought Jesus for Christmas.
And does Mrs. Claus get to go with Santa when he delivers Jesus' present?
I think so.
And since we're on the subject of presents,
a very warm ♥Happy Birthday♥ to my youngest sister!
I l♥ve you.
Have an Alska-sized celebration! (or Russian-sized if you're feeling international.)


Chris said...

Why can't it be based in height? And by large presents, does that mean cost or physical size?

Personally, I'd love a height-cost ratio.

BTW - happy birthday Gin!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Kids have the cutest ideas about things. Hey I clicked on your sister's blog link - I love her background! (I loved the post, too!) Did she do it herself?

Lynn said...

Makes sense to me !

We actually lived in Rhode Island for 6 years and the "it's all geography" idea is true ! LOL

trublubyu said...

loralee- one of my sisters designed the background for her.

Me said...

How cute is that! I guess I am lucky enough to expect..Medium sized Utah Gifts. Not too shabby. Good thing we don't live in Vermont or worse..Rhode Island. I am much too selfish for that!

Nathan said...

Those are some very logical questions. You can tell they've looked at all sides of the issue. I may need their help sometime when I've lost my keys or need to find out why a particular project at work is going down the toilet.

uniquelynat said...

that is so great! how smart is oldest daughter. did she think of that all on her own? i'm feeling very complimented right now...thanks loralee! happy birthday little sis!!!

Sarah said...

Woohoo for Texas! The logic of children.

Randibee said...

The oldest children are always the smartest.

Em said...

Hawaii does have smaller presents. Milk Costs $5 a gallon and we're still paying over $4 a gallon for gas-Santa's paying for cost of living! But we have great weather and great people. Come visit anytime!