Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday

Did you know that today is the husband's birthday?
It is.
And he is old.
Like 34.
(if he chooses to comment on this post,
I can already guess what his comment will be.)

Did you know that he is the most amazing man?
He is.
He knows almost everything.
Like about the gospel and technology and such things.
Did you know that his children adore him?
They do.
And they love to be with him.
And they run to the door when he walks in.
Did you know that he loves his children?
He does.
And he plays with them
with all the love of a tender father.
Did you know that he is an Eagle Scout?
He is.
And he can tie knots and put up tents and stuff.
Did you know he served a mission?
He did.
In Virginia.
And he did a great job.
And so he was blessed with a cute wife and beautiful children.
Did you know that he loves Mickey Mouse?
He does.
And his favorite Disney princess is Belle.
And when I met him he had a poster of her on his bedroom door.
Did you know he loves to wear crocs?
He does.
And he would wear them everywhere if he could.
Did you know that he had a teddy bear named Chad when he was a child?
He did.
And we still have Chad.
And Super Grover.
Did you know that he has amazing parents?
He does.
And they taught him to be amazing.
And he honors them.
Did you know he is 6'6"?
He is.
And that is one of the first things I loved about him.
Even before I knew his name.
Did you know his son idolizes him and his daughters want to marry him?
They do.
And I don't blame them.
I share those same feelings.
Did you know he is loving and caring?
He is.
He has a genuine concern for others.
And they can feel it.
Did you know that he thinks he is losing his hair.
He may be.
But that is not what makes him who he is.
Did you know that he is fun to talk to?
He is.
And he has a lot of good insight on some things.
And he has some funny jokes, too.
Did you know he hopes to serve a mission with his wife?
He does.
And he worries about saving enough money for retirement.
Did you know that he loves a good white elephant gift exchange?
He does.
And he is always looking for the perfect white elephant gift.
All year long.
And he usually comes up with some pretty good ones.
Did you know that he dreams of owning a cabin and some mountain property?
He does.
And he has the plans for an awesome cabin.
And ideas for the property.
Did you know that he loves to read books with his wife?
He does.
And they have read many a good book together.
Over the last 12 1/2 years.
Did you know that he is a rock star at his job?
He is.
And he works hard to support his family.
And his family appreciates his hard work.
Did you know that he is completely devoted to Jesus Christ?
He is.
And he has a great love for his Older Brother.
And he helps others find the same love.
Did you know that he loves the canine?
He does.
And I think he would freely admit it now.
Did you know that he loves to work hard?
He does.
And he grows stuff in our yard.
And he mows stuff, too.
Did you know that his wife adores him?
She does.
And she is glad he was born 34 years ago.
She can't believe how blessed she is to have him in her life.
And she thanks the Lord daily for him.


Me said...

What a sweet tribute! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Mechelle said...

Happy Birthday to the Husband!

Tink said...

Happy birthday hubby! SUch a beautiful post. I can tell you are in love!

Elizabeth said...

What a great catch you have- Happy birthday to your hubby!

uniquelynat said...

i hope the hubs has a great birthday. very sweet post sister!! i love him too...only as a sister- not a wife, daughter, or son.

wonder woman said...

aww. I love it. Thanks for a peek into your husband's life. Sounds like a really great guy.

Nathan said...

I hope he has a happy birthday. We're all excited to see him in the office, and we hope you stop in too.

Is it bad (when I read the comment about the Crocs and went back up to the picture at the top) that I laughed when I saw the footwear he was sporting? You weren't lying.

mom and dad said...


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby :)

Cynthia said...

Oh, that's so sweet. Sounds like you've got yourself a good one there.

And hey, at 6' 6" even IF he's losing his hair, very few people would be tall enough to see it!

Happy birthday!

Michelle said...

I love people in love with their husbands! Me too!

Michelle said...

I love people in love with their husbands! Me too!

Dave Omer said...

that was an awesome hubby post :)