Wednesday, January 21, 2009

He Loves Me

The husband. He cracks me up and I'll tell ya why. He really is the ultimate tech geek. He is up on all the latest in the hottest tech gadgets. And he can predict when something is going to be big. He has the gift. (For all of you who know him: can I get an "Amen"?) I never knew this when we were dating. All I can say is, Bonus!

I have always been a journal-keeper. And when I was 17 I compiled in that journal an impossible list of requirements for what I wanted in a husband. And the husband meets all of these requirements. But I didn't include tech geek on my list. Who knew that's what I wanted? And I got it! Bonus! Jackpot, even!

The husband will ask me every so often, "Hey, don't you want (insert latest tech gadget)?" And he means that he wants to buy the item for me- not us, not him- just for me. And he is serious. He wants his wife to have all these cool toys. He's a giver.

And usually I respond with, "Not really. I don't need it and don't think I would use it all that much."

And that's where the conversation ends. Until he brings it up again a few days later. And then the conversation repeats. Except after I say no, he will give me a little sales pitch on the thing and does his best to try and get me to spend a bunch of money on something I think I won't ever use.

Some of these little items include: a digital camera, laptop, cell phone, ipod, etc. And seriously, I always say no. And then after his propaganda and hard sell, I tend to get the item a few months after the idea is introduced. And he gets way excited. More excited than I ever do. And he reads the manual for me (I hate, hate, hate reading instruction manuals. Like, really hate!) and then tells me how to use it.

A couple years ago we went through this whole routine over an ipod. I didn't really want one. Didn't need one. Didn't know when I would use it. Until finally he purchased one for me for my birthday. And I enjoyed it for a month. Until I lost it in my house somewhere. And have not been able to find it ever since. But the children loved it while it was in the home. I believe they used it more than I did. But it has been lost for a long time. And the girls have little MP3 players of their own that they now listen to. And they love them.

Last week, the husband was surfing He loves that site. And he came across these little MP3 players for a ridiculous price. And he asked me if I wanted one. And I guess I did. And so he ordered two.

They arrived in the mail yesterday. And the girls were way excited for me. And today he took them to the office with him and loaded one up with tunes for me. I listened to it this evening. And he put a sweet little song on there for me. It's a love song. One I have never heard before. It told me lots of nice things. And it brought a cute little smile to my face.

Because he loves me.

the song? 1 2 3 4 by Plain White T's-- scrolling on the side bar for a limited time ------->


Cynthia said...

He sounds like a keeper!

I have my own Tech Geek and it's definately a bonus!

Me said...

You have yourself a keeper! Hold on to that one!

I unfortunately am the Tech Geek in our household. Which is okay, except it usually works a little better when the Tech Geek is also the Budget. He's the budget, I'm the Tech Geek and never do the two meet, at least not to spend money on tech gadgets and gizmos.

uniquelynat said...

k- so i just had 3 yes 3 posts to catch up on. crazy. sick kids this week- no time for anything else. all 3- great posts. glad i could read them. i am married to a tech geek too. and i find that i am a little of a one myself. because mine teaches me...and sometimes i listen. and then i learn things on my own. and i love it. and i can teach other people. and i especially love it when the tech thing collides with a hobby of scrapbooking! it makes me happy. glad you got a cute love song yesterday. that's happy. yay for the husband that is full of love for his wife! those are the best kind... (and sorry this was such a random comment)

Randibee said...

You are so lucky! Yay Chris!!!

Elizabeth said...


That Girl in Brazil said...

Happiness needs to be shared. Case in point.

Joanne said...

Can your husband hang around my husband for a while?
ha ha.
Love joanne

Heidi said... are so lucky! Only when I hear a song like that about me and my husband i smile AND shed tears. That's how I know I love him too:)

mormonmommyblogs said...

You were one of the winners of the MMB giveaway. Come over and claim your prize!


~motherboard, mmb

Nathan said...

Here's your big AMEN!


He is definitely a tech geek. I wish I was too, but I'm hopelessly behind.

Now for the second part of my comment ...

I'm on pins and needles wondering what song he loaded and whether or not I've heard it before.

Any chance you're going to spill the beans?

Jaime said...

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wonder woman said...

Congrats on your win!!

Carolyn said...

So sweet!

My hubby is a giver too! But he fullfils my need for kitchen appliances.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Erin said...

What a sweet husband you have! And I love being introduced to new music, so thank you for sharing that Plain White T's song with us.

Oh, and congrats on your win on MMB!

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