Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Bunch of Misc.

Just a couple of items of business to take care of this day:

Item #1
If any of you are interested in The Santa Claus Book I wrote about in December, I have found a few used copies on Amazon- starting at only $6.90! That's a bargain. Go check 'em out! You won't be disappointed. I don't think. Unless you're weird. Or unless I'm weird, I guess.

Item #2
Don't forget to purchase your copy of Something Cleverish, the blog book to support the Nielson family. My little copy is on it's way. How do I know? I was notified by email. Easy to order! Go. Do it. Like right now.

Item #3
Go check out Mormon Mommy Blogs. There is a mega-giveaway extravaganza going on as you read this and you don't wanna miss out!

Item #4
Oldest daughter is still selling those Girl Scout Cookies. Please order. And, don't worry, cause I just got an email from the Girl Scout Association assuring the world that the peanut butter used in the Tagalongs and Dosido's is not tainted with salmonella. I promise!

Item #5
This one is a little personal.

Do you have the follower gadget on your blog? Does it affect you when you notice a follower has dropped off your little tally? I have found that it does affect me. Like- I find myself thinking, "Come back! Come back! I promise I'll write something better tomorrow! Or even right now if you want me to!"

I have lost 4 followers over the last little bit. And I don't know who they are. Because I don't take notes. But I might start. Just to know.

I totally suffer from thinking that my posts get lamer the longer I blog. So, then I just think people are getting tired of the same ole stuff here.

So, here is the plan. If you wanna stop following me, just don't take your little picture off my blog, k? That way I won't have to know. And my pillow will be dry tomorrow morning. Because I pretty much cry myself to sleep at night when a follower leaves me. Really. (but not totally)

I believe that is all. But there could be more. So if I think of anything else, I may be back to add an Item #6. It could happen.


K said...

No more tears! You have a new follower tonight! (o:

Sarah said...

I don't think you've gotten lamer. Although I still think you should dream about me. You should check out my pics from White Sands - that is good dream locale. Happy sleeping!

Ashley said...

Oh I love that Santa Clause book too! I used to read it every year when I was younger and it is seriously the best! I'm so glad someone else loves it too!

wonder woman said...

I've lost followers, too. No fun. I'm not sure if I'm formally a follower of yours....if "be a follower" doesn't show up, then does that mean I am one? I think I am. Yeah, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm pretty sure I am. And if I don't want to be a follower anymore, I'll just stop commenting. Too lazy to take my pic off. =D I'm kidding of course. I think you're funny.

Shorty said...

I'm the same way with followers...I want more and more and more...and I want them all to stay forever!

Perhaps their moving on had nothing to do with you, but a cleansing of their list of the blogs they follow. I had to do that recently...I just had too many to keep up with. I have a place on my side bar called "worth visiting" that I link to sites that I don't necessarily "follow" but want to link to them every day and see what's posted there. My blog list on my dashboard had just gotten overwhelming...like it was a never-ending list of what I needed to read.

CaJoh said...

Don't they realize the responsibility of being a follower. Who knows— perhaps they never were a blogger to begin with and just deleted their blog… no loss there.

Before my followers list gets too long I was considering making a post about my followers and their blogs. That may keep your readers around— knowing that you acknowledge them.

Randibee said...

I'll be your follower forever!!!

Tink said...

Thanks for the heads up on things. I wouldn't feel bad on the follower thing. I've read a lot of people have lost followers and it sounds like it's because people may be following too many and are simplifying; or some of have deleted their blogs all together and quit blogging!

Nathan said...

If you ever think your posts are getting lame, just head on over to my blog, and you can feel a little better about yourself.

You really are hilarious, and I enjoy everything you write.

I'm also excited about the Santa Claus book. I've wanted one ever since I read about it on your blog.

Donna said...

Your last item made me smile. I'm new to your blog and I like it, so I'm going to start following you soon. :)

SHERI said...

I hope you don't ever stop blogging... and I just became a follower!

hollylynn said...

wow, you got several followers just now! good work!

i get sad when my followers leave me, too...some people are just fickle i guess.

for what it's worth, i'm not planning on leaving you any time soon.

mom and dad said...

well steph, I'll always be a fan of yours. I just took a walk around your blog. It amazes (?) me that people can keep up with so many blogs, but yours is a keeper and I love it. It has brought the joy and laughs of watching life go on and know now it's your turn to deal with it. Thanks for all of the laughs and tears! laaf mom

Heidi said...

Thanks for getting down to business!

Ruth P said...

So with our last move we somehow lost our Santa Claus Book, but I just ordered one, and it is even hardback! I am so excited. Scott said he used to look at that book for hours and hours.