Thursday, January 29, 2009


No matter what anyone blogs today, I don't think they could top this. And be sure to watch the video!!!

Go over and offer this mom some happy thoughts today. I think she may need it.


Shorty said...

Oh geeze.... that was bad!

Randibee said...

Wow! I thought Dylan was the master of markers, but he's only limited to the walls-never the carpet! I hope it is a washable marker!

Heidi said...

Hey there!
No worries...I did have a record day of hits on the blog (WAY more people read your blog than mine) and I was wondering why:) Thanks! Lots of sympathy and after borrowing a steam cleaner today, using a bottle of pre-treating stuff on the entire upstairs it's still purple after an hour of steaming. I'll look in to a plan B...and C...and D just give me the knife and let me start ripping it up myself! Thanks for your support. I haven't let him out of my sight today and we spent some time OUT of the house...til I could come back and DEAL..M&M's are running low. Must call for backup....Love ya!

Me said...

Oh man! I just clicked back from watching the video. What a nightmare! Poor Thing!

K said...

I am so glad you found me on FB too! It's seriously been too long! It's great that I can see you and your family now, maybe someday I will even meet them. (o:

For the record, my son has done something very similar all over the walls, furniture and floor also in a very short period of time. For Heidi, I can say we never really got the crayola marker out of the carpet completely. )o: