Wednesday, January 28, 2009

just a quick note...

Dear Blog,

I have been avoiding you. I have nothing to say. Except maybe that I have a lot to do today. I think you can relate. You usually have a lot going on. I know you have a few visitors each day and you have to be a gracious host. I think you do a pretty great job. Wouldn't it be nice to have freshly baked cookies and milk everytime you have someone stop by? I know.

Anyway, Blog, you have been good to me. You listen to me. Without judgment. And I appreciate that. Especially when I start every other sentence with that little "and" word. Does it bug ya? I hope not. It's just who I am.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Not only do I start most sentences with "and", I really have to exercise discipline in not starting every post with "And so...". It's tough. And I know you understand. I just think "And so..." is such a great introduction. And when I start something with "And so..." it feels like I'm just picking up on our conversation where we left off.

I'll let you in on another secret. You know how we have the canine? I don't think I have ever told you her name. It's Sparkle. Isn't that an appropriate name for a puppy of little girls? I feel pretty secure in telling you her name. Whereas, with my children, it makes me nervous to put their names out there for all of creation to know what to call my children when they want to steal them away from me. Kinda paranoid? Yeah, maybe. But, I'm fond of the children and I'd like to keep them. Like forever.

And so, I'm off to do a little visiting teaching. And take back some library books that we never got around to reading. And take oldest daughter to piano lessons. And to work on my lesson for Sunday. And clean the pit of despair that is my house at this moment (I believe it is the most-neglected thing that lives here). Plus a bunch of other stuff. Like I said, I have a lot to do today.

Thanks for listening. Oldest daughter is learning the etiquette of letter writing. She has taught me all about it. And so, now I know how to end this letter. I have to say "Yours truly,". I think that's just what I'll say, because truly, I am yours. (and the husband's)

Yours truly,

PS- do you know what made me smile on little son's birthday? He said to me, "Mom, I am the three-est boy in the whole world!" Man, I love that kid.


Me said...

Your blog truly is a gracious host! Always looks it very best when I come to visit! Don't let him or is your blog a her..harp on you too much about not coming to visit!

Shauna said...

L♥ve and Hugs to you!

Me said...

P.S. It is not correct to begin a sentence with AND? How the grammar crimes I have committed? What about SO? Do you think you could send Oldest Daughter to school me on appropriate letter writing..I might need some direction. Obviously!

Tink said...

Love it! I know what you mean about posting names....that's a hard one. I don't post mine or my husband's or my last name in hopes it will make it tougher for predators. Have fun today running errands and visiting teaching!

Elizabeth said...

I think that blogging should never require that you use proper sentence structure etc. I personally like to start my sentences with "but" even though I know it is totally wrong-But hey, who cares? Anyway, your blog rocks and it makes me smile everytime I read it- Thanks!

Nathan said...

My favorite part of your epistle?

"Pit of Despair"

I will always love The Princess Bride, and I will always feel that "the pit of despair" should be said in a raspy, hacking voice.

That said, have you ever listened to the soundtrack? It's like a bad MIDI file. I guess in an odd way it fits with the movie.

Heidi said...

The Q is so funny becuz on the phone the other night she said she wrote a letter at school... to President Obama. We asked what she wrote to him about. She's all, "Ya know, Dear President Obama. Thank you for this and that and then you say Sincerely and put your name on it." I feel like I got the tutorial too:)

Be careful about not having much to say on the blog. See mine today for further exhibits of a story that was written for a blog.

wonder woman said...

I also start every other sentence with "and" on my blog. Or "so." Or "And so." Don't know what it is about these blogs that do that to us. Crazy, it is.

And Nathan -- I actually went back and re-read "pit of despair" outloud in a raspy, hacking voice. Props to you, Stephanie, for smuggling in a PB reference.