Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things

This is the infamous 25 Random Things tag that is circulating on facebook. I finally gave in and completed it. In the interest of posting something on this here blog today, I give you 25 Random Things about me.

1. I have been tagged 14 times and have been avoiding this tag because I don't really have 25 interesting things to say about myself.
2. I love to spend time with my family more than anything else in the world.
3. My best talent is spending money. I do it very well and have perfected this skill to the point that I know this talent can never be taken away. I take that parable seriously. My piano skills, on the other hand? Gone.
4. I love to travel with my family.
5. I am not very good at keeping up my end of a friendship. But I love my friends. I have had the best and most amazing friends throughout my lifetime (that includes you!). And I love making new friends.
6. I would rather stay up late than get up early.
7. I am the third child in a family of 5 girls and 2 boys.
8. I am two years older than my husband. In fact when I met him and found out he had just barely returned from his mission I almost wrote him off due to our age difference, thinking that he would not be interested in an older woman.
9. My favorite job of all time was working at a treatment center for women and girls batling eating disorders. The women were amazing and the work environment was incredible.
10. I sometimes worry that I will die before my children are raised. I want to be the one to raise them.
11. I am a procrastinator.
12. I have seen Milli Vanilli in concert. Believe it. It was awesome.
13. I never knew how awesome my husband was when I married him. I find myself feeling blessed everyday by a new layer that I uncover.
14. My favorite part of the day is when the children are asleep and the house is quiet and I can sit and talk to my husband uninterrupted.
15. The only class that I attended 100% of the lectures in college was the one where I met my husband.
16. I love to blog.
17. I would love to hire a maid, but I know that I would clean up before she (or he) came. Defeats the purpose.
18. My dream is to be neighbors with my sisters.
19. Occasionally I have icky insecurities that make me wonder what people think about me.
20. When I was in kindergarten I stole a little plastic chicken that belonged to the farmhouse set in the toy area. But I left 25 cents to pay for it.
21. I would love to have 2 more children, but I am afraid I am getting too old and it may not happen for me.
22. Growing up I never, EVER, heard my mom say something bad about anyone.
23. I love being a mom. It took me a couple years after my first child to be able to say this. But now I love it!
24. I love sunsets.
25. I have great fingernails.
25.1. I can speak some Russian- but the longer I get from college, the less I remember. I took Russian classes at BYU and was 2 credits short of a Russian minor when I graduated.

And I will not tag you. You're Welcome.


Marisa said...

I loved this! Awesome! I've been quite surprised how much this thing is circulating on facebook! EVERYONE has been tagged! #17-I would probably do the same. #20- THAT is really really funny!! #23- there IS hope!

Me said...

Double Crosses...No Touch Backs! Hah..You can't tag me!

This was great! Seriously Milli Vanilli! That is awesome!

I have the same desire to hire a maid, but just know I would clean before she got here!

Michelle said...

I love learning about the little things that make us all different. I'm glad that we are all different on purpose and that it's okay! Just to match up with your Milli Vanilli, I went to a New Kids on the Block concert when I was in junior high!

K said...

Yes, I was one of the fourteen who tagged you.

And to answer your comment, yes he does travel. In fact, he will be in Phoenix in two weeks. Let me know if you need a manicure while he's in town.(o:

K said...

Oh and your #3 is also a talent of mine. It's a good thing I married a guy who doesn't mind.

So, no Russian minor, huh? It may be a good thing. They ALWAYS make me a VTer to the Russians in every ward I've been in.

Sarah said...

Drastvoyta. Dvyta pozna kommenza. Menya zavoot Sarah. One semester, freshman year. You're cool. :)

HanksFam said...

I can't believe how many things we have in common. I'll have to tell Eph about Milli Vanilli. That is aweseome!

wonder woman said...

Thank you for not tagging. I was this close to doing this tag today, but decided to save it. Probably for tomorrow.

Working in a eating disorders treatment facility sounds like an incredible job. It would probably be my favorite, too. And I dream of being neighbors with my sisters(-in-law), too. Wouldn't that be so wonderful! And I want two more children, too.

I'm glad you did this tag!

kel said...

You saw Milli Vanilii?? how cool is that??

Loralee and the gang... said...

Don't be afraid of having a couple more kids...I started with my first when I was nineteen, and had my last at 39... wait, am I trying to talk you into it, or out of it?