Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The word on the street is that the digital television transition has been pushed back. This can only mean one thing:

President Obama has been lurking on my blog.

And I know he read the post I wrote last month about the whole digital thing. (you can find that little post here.) And I'm pretty sure he read it via his Blackberry. Good thing they let him keep it. (the Blackberry) And now he has pulled some strings- for me! Average US citizen. This is the change we've heard so much about.

I guess this means the little utc cd/r/tv has been granted a stay of execution. This rocks. Now my family can continue eating, because I will continue cooking since I can listen to the tv as I am so doing.

I have until June 12. I'm going to make the most of it.

Do you think I could get him (the pres) to do a guest-post via said Blackberry?


Digital Transition Postponed = Barack Lurking on Blog = Family Can Eat
& Possible Guest-Post


K said...

Do you think I can make the prez check out my blog? I'd really like to ask for a bigger tax refund. Maybe if you post it, it will happen. Please?!

Debs said...

now if you get pres obama reading your blog i want gordom brown to read scrap that, i dont even know if hes still our prime minister!!! :D
i just dont watch the news these days!! ;)

come on over and play my competition...its really easy!! :)

uniquelynat said...

so glad that the fam will not least for a few more months.

oh- and that boy of yours sure is funny! i can't imagine how he even knows that bras are cool (but only to boys. i personally can't stand them most of the time.)

Me said...

The president really does have our best interests at heart..after-all he has saved your family from starving, at least for a few more weeks! Go-Him!

Mechelle said...


CaJoh said...

Such an amazing pull you have. I'll have to check here first before turning on the national news channel. Who-who!!

Cynthia said...

While you've got his attention and concern, can you get him to give all of us tax payers a piece of the stupid stimulus package? Where's my check? Oh, that's right, I just get to write them, not recieve them. Oh well. It was worth a try.

Michelle said...

I had been procrastinating buying a digital converter for awhile. No reason. Just wasn't on my priority list. Anyway, it makes me laugh that the week I finally laid out some cash for the converter they delayed the start date!

K said...

Was it my imagination or did you post something about a hypothetical situation that is no longer on your blog???

Nathan said...

I'm impressed with your pull, and I'm just glad you use your powers for good and not evil.

Heidi said...

I love the way you can sum things up so easily!