Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Visualize This

So, Vision Boards. Many of you want to know what they are. Vision Boards are an actual poster or something similar where you would cut out pictures or words of things you are trying to achieve and paste them on your board. The theory is that once you are able to visualize your goals, you can then create the life you want.

If you want to know a bit more about vision boards, you should Google it. There are even companies that will help you create a professional board. I think it could be great for you.

The truth is, I only know a little bit about them. And also the truth is, I never intended to make one to win the cape. And the real truth is that I was a little bit making fun of the whole thing. But only because that certain reality show that I saw where the woman was making such a big deal about the vision board just kind of cracked me up. A lot.

And so, if you were to spend the day with me, you might just hear me talking about how I want this or that and so I should put it on my vision board. But I wouldn't really make one. Because I've decided that I am just not a vision board type of gal. But I do believe in setting goals. But, if you are a vision board type of person, please don't feel that I don't support you in your vision-boarding. Because you have my full support. And I can help you cut out stuff for your board. If you want. Just putting it out there. We have lots of scissors and glue at our house.

Oh, and President Obama is visiting my great state today- the foreclosure capital of our free nation. What is your state good at?


CaJoh said...

I've never seen someone use a vision board outside of the training room, but I have seen some people who use their day planner to organize their lives. I usually keep everything in my head— I'm good at seeing how things stitch together so there's no need for me to put it up on a board.

Sarah said...

My state is really good at BIG things - like steaks, especially chicken fried steaks, pretty wildflowers, and being big enough to be 5 states. Glad I'm not one of those foreclosures. :/

uniquelynat said...

hahahahahaha and moving on.... what will next week's focus be!? would you like to expound on all the virtues of this great state? hehe only kidding. i never saw that vision board. i feel i am totally missing out!

Nathan said...

Personally, I think the real reason Obama is visiting your state is that he wants to see who he delayed the digital conversion for.

Our state is really good at making and eating Jello. Like, if it was an Olympic sport, we would have the dream team ... right here.