Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Middle daughter's birthday is just around the corner. Only 18 more sleeps, you know.

We have been counting "sleeps" for over 250 sleeps. We started using the sleeps measurement system to measure time when oldest daughter was little, because she couldn't get the concept of tomorrow, or in 3 days, or on Sunday, etc.

250 sleeps ago- and after a gazillion "how many more sleeps till my birthday?"s, middle daughter was informed that her birthday would not be until after Easter happened. So, she has been looking for signs of Easter. And Easter is everywhere right now. So, she knows that the birthday is close at hand.

All along the way, middle daughter has been laying out her list of demands for the ultimate birthday party. Something new has been added to the list each day for over 250 days. And now we are down to 18. Whew.

Among her most important wishes: (bullets, please)

  • Dora pinata
  • butterfly cake
  • Easter bunny cake
  • sparkly hats
  • Little Mermaid outfit
  • Pink- and Pink ONLY- balloons
  • her very own Easy Bake Oven (because it is beneath her to share the one oldest daughter got for Christmas)
  • every Barbie thing that ever comes on television
  • her own bag of Chex Mix- the big bag
  • a cat
  • a trampoline
  • purses
  • etc, etc, etc

Of course, there are many more items than what I have included on the list. Some, I have forgotten.

I love celebrating birthdays. My mom taught me how important they are. She always made sure that we felt special on our special day. It was pure magic.

I'm dusting off the wizard hat- or magic wand, I guess since wizards are usually men- I am excited to pump out a little magic for middle daughter's birthday. Because, I'm not totally sure, but I think she may have said something about wanting a little magic on her big day. And skittles.

Only 18 more sleeps...


Me said...

That is truly the cutest thing I have ever heard....18 Sleeps. You are too cute for words!

wonder woman said...

Birthdays are so special. Good luck with the magic. Some of those wishes don't sound too hard (bag o' chex) but a trampoline AND a Dora pinata is quite a tall order!! ;)

Annette Lyon said...

We count sleeps too--my kindergartener gets "tomorrow" and the like, but "3 days" confuses her, because do you count TODAY? What about the B-DAY itself? Just the days in between?

Sleeps is easier!

Good luck with the party.

uniquelynat said...

can't wait to see what happens. maybe we should talk to her and find out what- in our price range- we can get her. i think we could not do the trampoline for her, but the chex mix is a possibility. and there is a free kitten over here- TOTALLY in our price range & sounds way cute as far as cats go, but mom & dad have to OK that one first so it could be a little tricky. and the k9 may be terrified of a cat, knowing her.

Mechelle said...

so cute! My b-day is in 3 more sleeps, Raeleigh's b-day is in 16 more sleeps, and Zach's b-day is in 28 more sleeps. My aniversary is in 12 more sleeps. April is a crazy month for b-days and aniversaries.

Kellie said...

My kids are always getting their concept of days mixed up. Sleeps is a really good way to explain it. Thanks! Hope she has a good birthday. Every little girl needs her own Dora pinata. And pink balloons. And Easy Bake Oven. And Mermaid outfit. And bag of Chex Mix. And purse. And, and, and.

janel said...

"Sleeps"--that is such a cute way to help them understand!

Janet said...

Two cakes, and pink ONLY balloons. Sounds like my idea of a great birthday!