Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Oldest daughter has been way excited for this day to come. Because, hello, April Fool's Day! A holiday made especially for children. It's an excuse to be silly. To pull one over on your parents.

I believe this is the first year that it has meant anything to our little brood. And that's because we finally have a daughter out "in the world" who learns stuff and comes home and teaches us all the stuff she learns. Hence, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Groundhog Day have become holidays of note in our household.

Thank you, oldest daughter!

She has been excited all week about what promises to be a super fun, prank-pulling day. And she has told us that she has some doozies for us- so we should be ready.

Well, I am here to tell you, she was not fooling! She got us good!

First thing when she woke up this morning, she told me, "Mom, you have a moth behind you!" I turned around and guess what? No moth.

And later, she tricked us with the old "Dad, you have something on your forehead!" Again- not a thing on the forehead! What a joker.

Middle daughter was intoxicated with all the hilarity and she soon got in on the action. She pulled a couple silly jokes on us and when we fell for those jokes, she exclaimed, "Foolin' ya!"

Foolin' ya. Can you coin a cuter phrase for this day than Foolin' ya?

Didn't think so.


Marisa said...

:oD ...a moth

Shannon said...

Ryans favorite this year has been "It's March 32, March Fool's Day, what is this April Fool's stuff?" It's been cute, but I'm ready for April 2nd, or March 33rd, if your Ryan!

K said...

That's awesome! You've got some cute jokesters on your hands!

I can't wait until my son understands April Fool's Day.

uniquelynat said...

HA!! that's great. oh the joy of being a child...and thinking like one!! happy april 1st!

HollyB said...

don't you just love, what kids think is funny. I just love it when my nephew makes up a joke and it makes absolutly no sence, yet we laugh because it makes him happy!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Nope. Can't. You win.

(And I'm glad my kids aren't quite old enough for it yet.)

Heidi said...

I noticed that Hannakah is missing from that holiday list since it is already taught at home:)

Too cute! Hunter got into it good this year and I'll have to post about Elizabeth. Thanks for the idea. Give those little jokesters a hug!

Me said...

You win! Those are the best AND CUTEST pranks yet!

Nathan said...

I can't wait to fall for jokes from my daughter.

The only April Fool's joke I got off the ground this year was Rick Rolling my coworker. This is the 5th time she's fallen for it. I even found a link that won't close, so she had to go into the task manager to get it off her screen. Classic.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I miss that age when my kids were cute and innocent little pranksters like yours are. Nowadays I'm too scared when my teen-agers pull pranks. It's usually pretty serious bordering on not funny.