Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I used to be an extremely fun person. I think you would have liked to hang around with me when I was extremely fun.

I have noticed lately that I am only moderately fun. Moderately because I have been thinking in terms of surveys. And if someone were to call me and say they were taking a fun factor survey and they asked,

"Please rate yourself according to where you fit on this scale. Are you:

Extremely fun
Very fun
Somewhat fun
Moderately fun
Not very fun
Not fun at all
Painfully Un-fun."

At this point I believe I would be forced to answer only moderately fun. And it worries me. My fun factor is slipping. I don't want to be only moderately fun, because that is pretty close to not fun at all. I don't even have to be extremely fun again, I would be content with very fun.

Somewhere along the way I have become a more serious person. Because, well, life.
I think I gotta get my fun back.
How does one go about that? Does posting in red count as a step in the right direction?


Shannon said...

Red is a great start. Way to live life on the edge! I'm worried, though. If you're only moderately fun I am(or rather my family and the YW are) in big trouble. Interesting how we change, isn't it.

cmom said...

The fun meter in this house is generally quite low. We love when you and your family are here because it goes WAY up.

CaJoh said...

Fun is what you make of it. I sometimes find that the more involved you are in something the less likely you find humor in it— especially when you are serious about it. I usually say Some people play the game of life to win… but the lovers of life play for fun and win anyway. Live can be fun, don't play to win, just play for fun and in the end you will be a winner.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Yep, red is WAY fun! And I always thought of your blog as AT LEAST Somewhat Fun. And it's ALWays interesting. . . otherwise, I wouldn't have thought to come back for a visit! You are great!

Mechelle said...

you are always fun. I love talking with you :)

Nathan said...

Just remember. Some peoples' fun is other peoples' stupid.

I say this because I used to think I was fun. Then I realized the ratio of people laughing AT me versus laughing WITH me was dangerously high on the AT me side.

But ... I've made my peace and still laugh at my own jokes.

Lizdee said...

I remember as a kid, you were always one of my favorite aunts because you played with us and were tons of fun.

lagirls said...

Remember being a kid and NEVER, EVER giving a thought to being Fun, or interesting, or "with it"? It's one of those things we take upon our shoulders when we become an adult. And it sucks! I think being child-like again helps. Go barefooted. Drink Koolaid and wear your Koolaid smile proudly, and if you want to add a little Rum to the mix you'll even be "Funner!". Hang with your kids and you'll up your Fun Factor immediately...It's laundry and bills that suck all the fun outta life, GF.

Sher said...

Hmmmm...I used to think I was a very fun person. And I think I still can be if paired with the right people, and I'm in the right mood, and I have lots and lots of cherry coke.
Without my flask full of grenadine, I'm probably somewhere between boring and mildly amusing.

Chris said...

Hmmm. I've become so un-fun that when I read this my first thought was to create a list of things for you to do so that you feel like you are more fun. How un-fun are lists?

Do you still want me to create one for you? :) I promise getting a tattoo will not be on the list.

Mrs. Fish said...

wow. if you are only moderately fun, where does that leave the rest of us? i guess i'd have to be the painfully un-fun one (does rhyming make one fun?) but, i think you should earn at least one bump up on the fun scale for even answering the phone and taking the survey.

Elizabeth said...

It is hard to be fun ALL the time- moderately fun is ok for a day or 2 or 3- you will snap out of it- I hope :) Oh, and I hear that posting in RED does help with the fun-o-meter....so good step in the right direction:) You will get your groove on soon!!!!! Maybe Chris should put the tattoo on his list for you- it would at least make you giggle :)

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Red is a good start. Refilling your well is even better. I am more towards the not very fun end of the spectrum lately, because of lack of sleep and too much work. I want to be fun. Not sure if i've ever been fun. When you find your fun again, maybe you can let me know how to find mine.

Jae said...

I rate ya as "extremely fun." I kinda feel the same, about myself. Do ya think husbands and kids have done it to us?!