Sunday, April 26, 2009

Speaking Volumes

Saturday was a true marathon day. We got up early and didn't stop until late. Nonetheless, it was a rewarding and satisfying day.

We awoke early to travel across town to help my brother and sister-in-law finish up the landscaping in their backyard. I loved it.

At one point little son and I were laying out rolls of sod and he disappeared. I looked over my shoulder to find where my little helper had scampered off to and spotted him alongside the husband. His sod was more inviting than the one I was working on, and the husband had acquired a helper.

The yard turned out beautifully and I am always amazed, but not surprised, by the abilities of my siblings and their spouses. These are some of the most talented people I know. Every. Single. One. No joke.

We travelled back across town to attend a birthday party of a friend. It was very enjoyable. The children were in heaven because there was a bounce house, pizza, cupcakes, lots of kids to play with, a pinata and candy. And it was a wonderful party.

As we buckled seat belts, the husband informed me that he had received a text from my youngest sister. She was wondering where I was. I checked my phone and sure enough, I had a message waiting. I immediately called her back, and her first question was, "Have you checked the comments on your blog from today's post?"

I had not, as we had been occupied all the day long. She then read to me the comment of a reader who was offended by my post for the day. It seems I had included with my post a picture that she felt was offensive in nature and went against the Constitution. And, she declared that she would no longer follow my blog.

I was stunned.

In no way had I meant to offend anyone. And in no way was I stating contempt for this country and its Constitution. In fact, the picture I had posted is one that I did a Google Image search for 'mexican american flags' at 1:00 a.m.- Saturday morning. It was the first image I came across with both the Mexican and American flags, loaded the photo onto my post, linked the photo to where I found it (the first time I have done this, by the way) hit the 'publish post' button and went to bed.

I didn't stop to scrutinize the picture, nor the article from where I got the image. I should have. It turns out the pic had the American flag flying upside down on a flagpole beneath the Mexican flag. I guess that sends a bad message. And I guess I am a little naive. Cause I didn't catch that.

Anyway, after discussing it with my little sis, we concluded that if this person who was so offended was a regular reader, she would know that I am not the kind of person who would do what she insists I did. I feel bad, but I also know that not everyone will always agree with what I write. This is a personal blog- it will contain personal opinion. I welcome comments with opinions which differ from mine. It helps me to see another side of an issue. I respect differing opinions. Afterall, it is our right- under the Constitution.

I am still scratching my head over this one, however. There was really not a controversial opinion expressed in the post.

I gave my sister my login information and she removed the picture for me since we were still a long way from home. I hope she forgot my login info. Because she could really play a great April Fool's joke if she still has it.

Once we arrived home the husband did a little research, posted a little {brilliant} comment of his own, and we loaded a new pic. Which I like better anyway and wish I had found early Saturday morning when I did my original search.

Moving on. We returned home, cleaned out the car, ate a hearty dinner of cold cereal (it was too late to cook- and since it was a marathon day, we opted for the breakfast of champions), took baths, and tucked children into their beds. And floors. It was the weekend after all, and middle daughter's favorite privilege is to camp out on the floor on Friday and Saturday nights.

A favorite tradition is to ask our children at the end of the day, "What was your favorite thing about today?"

As I posed this question to little son, his response spoke volumes to me. He said simply and without hesitation, "Rolling out the grass with Dad." (in his puckered-up voice, of course.)

Out of all the wonderful activities of the day. Playing with the cousins. The grand party. Cold cereal for dinner, for heaven's sake. His favorite moment was one spent near the side of his greatest hero.

And then I colored my hair. A couple shades too dark. Because I was tired of my sexy gray roots. Which I was going to take a picture of in honor of Wonder Woman and this post. But didn't. Because I don't have glasses to go along with the roots.

It was a gold medal marathon day.


Ruth P said...

Thanks, again, for all of your help! I agree with my nephew, "rolling out the grass" was my favorite part too!

Michelle said...

I love the camping out on Fridays and Saturdays. My kids would get a kick out of it. I'm sure they would talk me into a tent too. Hmm. I'll have to think that one through.

Heidi said...

what is a saturday without a marathon. when i might get a day of actual relaxation i will let you know. want to help us with our sod next?:) sounds like it was fun tho.
sorry about the flag thing. that was weird.

Suzi said...

You said my day was crazy and made you tired...well, I think you've out done me! What a day...I am sorry that it ended on a bad not with the blog stuff...weither it was a mistake or not your blog is a place for you to tell your opionion. I LOVE reading your blog, I get a good laugh and learn a little insight! Keep sharing! Oh and watch out now that little sister knows your of my friends sister knows hers and they do all kinds of jokes to each other...LOOK OUT!

uniquelynat said...

i find i am not commenting lately. it is not because i am offended and do not frequent your blog any is because "i have no response to that". no witty one anyway! sorry about angel's loss. i have a lot of choice things running through my head that i could say about that. however i will be nice and keep my comments to myself. at least online.