Thursday, April 16, 2009


Little son's orange crocs have been missing since General Conference.
It has been an extremely trying past week and a half at our house. Slip on shoes are best. I have no patience for laces. And although little son also has black sandal crocs, I much prefer the orange slip-ons for the full coverage they provide his feet when it is a bit chilly outside.

And so, everyday as we are gearing up to go on an errand, I find myself muttering, "Where are your orange crocs? We need those orange crocs."

I cannot account for their disappearance. It baffles me.

About midweek, my exasperation was in full bloom as once more I heard myself asking, rhetorically, "Where are those silly orange crocs?"

Middle daughter replied with a small, "E (our cousin) wore them on Sunday during our Jeopardy game. He always wears them when he comes."

I heard what she was saying, but let it slide right on through my ear canals- in one side right across and out the other. As it was, we were hurrying (always hurrying) out the door and I had no time to canvas the house in search of the orange crocs.

Last evening, it was my turn to host our monthly sisters and mom book club. My sister brought her children this time as her husband was away on business.

As we ladies were discussing this month's read, little E comes sauntering in the family room. Complete with blue Little Tikes golf club and orange crocs. On the wrong feet. At once I began to laugh. And the ladies had no idea for the reasons behind my little outburst.

I took a moment to let them in on the story of the missing crocs. And we shared a laugh and snapped a picture and continued with our discussion.

And now the orange rubber shoes are found. Because E retrieved them from his special spot- right where he left them last week. And we have no idea where that place is. .

I didn't think to have E tell me where those silly crocs were before he left. So I believe they are once again lost and tucked secretly into E's little hiding place. Because I have not seen them since last night.

And I have no idea when that little shoe hider is coming back.


Me said...

Too funny! Sounds like you need to pick up an extra pair on your next trip to the store! Darn croc thiefs, you have to watch out for them!

Ruth P said...

That was so funny! Let us know where that secret place is, if you find out!

heather said...

Funny! I laughed.

lagirl said...

He lost "orange" shoes?
Love it!!

Marni said...

I am also a big fan of crocs! I am lucky enough to have three boys all in the same shoe size. So, we just grab 6 shoes and out the door we go... hoping that we have 3 rights and 3 lefts!

Mechelle said...

hmm, good luck with that! :)

Noelle said...

This has nothing to do with your post...although I LOVE my own orange crocs.

This is an adendum (I have no idea how to spell that word) to my post. :)

Once your husband (well, way before he was your husband) invited me to eat dinner with him, and his mom and dad. It was a lovely meal I'm sure (I can't remember much of it.)

BUT...I do remember they handed me the rice first. It was a heaping bowl of rice...HEAPING...and it was sticky.

I tried as gracefully as I could to get that rice out of the bowl onto my plate, but as luck would have it, all I managed to do was send that rice flying...all over the floor. And if I remember right, it was a carpeted floor.

Oohhh...the embarassment!!! :)

Heidi said...

So silly. Good luck on the next round of searching and hopefully finding:)

Carolyn said...

I love how kids find the best hiding places without even trying, but when I am trying to hide something from my kids they almost alwys find it. Luckly not everytime. :) Good luck with the shoes.

Elizabeth said...

Try the ever popular toy box- you always seem to find interesting things in your toybox, so maybe the shoes are there ...ha ha. Or, try the sock drawer- we always find the silliest things in the sock drawer- maybe those beloved orange crocs are in there :) Happy Hunting!

Nathan said...

I still wonder if there are little treasures hidden around my house from when I was little. I know there is at least one shoe box buried in the backyard.

uniquelynat said...

well I was going to have the boy bring them to me before we left....just to make sure you could find them later. But as most things go when packing up to trek back home- i forgot! sorry and i hope you find them soon! and if not give me a call and i will come out- boy in tow- and have him get them out for you!!! silly silly E!

you have to admit that WAS hilarious though. (probably not so funny, for you, this time around)

Jacquie.Finder said...

Oh my goodness...that is tooo funny! How adorable though! That seems to happen a lot in our family! Ava (cousin) likes to wear mine and her moms shoes...and then proceeds to lose them! :]]

Kids. What can ya say!?

big_smartmouth said...

i love that boy!! he has an obsession with shoes (like the time his mom was meeting me at the pool, and she sent me a pic text on my phone showing the shoes HE picked out to red flip flop, one church shoe...BOTH his sisters!). if nothing else, that boy can make us laugh.