Monday, May 18, 2009

fly swatter

not ten minutes ago i was sitting in my family room, watching the finals for dancing with the stars and a fly that has been in my house all day. and he has a buddy in here somewhere. little son and i have spent a good portion of our day chasing them around, trying to either get them outside or kill them dead.

as i watched gilles and cheryl do their little flashdance rendition, i saw something out of the corner of my eye and recognized it to be one of the gruesome twosome that has been annoying us all the day long. at first i didn't pay much attention to the aeronautical pest, i was just a bit distracted by the ripped up clothing on television, but then i focused on the fly and watched as it ascended- up, up, up.

right into the ceiling fan, which swatted it across the room.

i watched the fly as it was thrust to the floor. it lay there, a little dazed. and then got up and carried on its way.

and i realized

i had missed my chance to kill it dead.

but, wow, it just got a round-house kick to the body with a ceiling fan. and it got up and moved on.

there's a lesson here.



uniquelynat said...

funny story. i also have a fly story....which i will have to post one of these days. it also has to do with the boy. we have an issue here. something has got to be done about it.

sorry you missed your chance! i'm sure another will come along.

Mrs. Fish said...

i swear i didn't copy your fly idea. my post today has somewhat of a fly theme as well. but i promise i wrote it a while back and scheduled it to post this morning. i'm not a blog stealer, really. and anyway, your post is much funnier.

Cynthia said...

At least you got to see the 'roundhouse kick' and take some small satisfaction in that.

lagirl said...

Better a fly than a mosquito.
Maybe not.

Shannon said...

Loved the fly story! Greg is our appointed fly-chaser and he goes until he gets his man (I mean fly!) I'll bet it was a shocker to see it shot across the room like that. I would have been laughing.

On another note, the allergy med I use is a generic form of Flonase. Love, love, love, it.

Kellie said...

That is perhaps the coolest thing I've read today. Sorry you didn't get to kill it though.