Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

I have blogged about my dreams before. I think it is time for another installment.

Thursday night as I was sleeping, I dreamed about someone I have met through blogging. So, really, I only know what I imagine to be her personality- Fun. With a little fun on the side.

When I woke up Friday morning I immediately sent her a message on facebook telling her about my dream. This is the message I sent to her: (doncha love how it sounds like i said it all in one breath?)

you were in my dream last night. weird, i know. this is what happened: i went over to your house to visit. and you were making something out of candy and then you took me to show me something in your laundry room and then you had this whole cupboard full of candy that your dad gave you. and then we were making a candy craft and you went to your other laundry room to get some glue. you had two laundry rooms! lucky!

and when i was leaving your garage door was only half-way shut, but you were able to pull your big suburban out of your garage without harming your garage door.
so, that is all.
hope you have a great day.

Just a couple hours later, I checked facebook and found this response (I'm sharing with her consent, of course):

OHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOSH!!!!!!!!!that is hilarious!!!

you want to know what is so funny-- yet freaky-- about this??????

My DAD really did give me a whole lot of candy!!!! my great-aunt {his aunt} is going to a nursing home soon & he and his brothers were over there the other day cleaning out her pantry & her sewing room... and he gave me all of the sweets/ingredients/crafts/materials/ etc.....

and GUESS WHAT??????

we DO have 2 laundry rooms!!!!!!!!!!! one is used as a laundry room and the other is used as a PANTRY/SCRAPBOOKING/CRAFT ROOM!!!!!

and guess what else?????

well... i dont have a Surburban... but i do have a FORD EXPEDITION--its about as BIG as a Sururban!! and i am always scared to drive that thing in my garage because i am afraid it will get stuck because it is so tall and my garage door will not open all the way up to the top for some reason!!!

this is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am like totally freaking out here!!!!!!


Is that not a bit freaky? Like, if I were Merrianne, I would be way freaked out by me. Cause that is a lot of crazy stuff. But, truly, I am a nice person and I keep my stalking to the blogs. Except if you live near me, then I might consider stalking you in person. Kidding! JUST KIDDING!!!

***post edit: After I received this reply from Merrianne, I sent her another message asking if she had posted any of this stuff on her blog, and she said she hasn't. Whoa.

In the future it is possible I may pursue a career in the psychic arena. There may be something in there for me. I'm feeling it. And I'll probably cut you a little deal if you ever have need of my services. Like, *mention this post and you'll receive 50% your next reading.* I'll keep you posted. Because I'm sure you're looking for a good psychic. In the meantime, I'll be out shopping in the hopes of finding an appropriate wardrobe- because psychics usually dress really special.

However, if you ever do a craft, and if it involves candy, invite me over! I love crafts and candy AND, I'd love to see your two laundry rooms. Because, apparently, there are people out there with two laundry rooms.


Loralee and the gang... said...

Let me know if you come up empty in the wardrobe dept. I'll sew you something REALLY REALY special! ;)
And that IS so Freaky! It's like your brains have melded together via the blogwaves! But the more I think about this, I think - did Merrianne metion any of this stuff in her blog at some point? I mean, maybe not the candy part, because she probably hasn't had the chance to blog about it yet, but maybe the rest? I guess we can all go and re-read her whole blog from day one (and leave comments to see if there are clues there that would've contributed to the dream? But still! That would be A-May-zing to take in ALL that detail and actually have a dream about it, and remember it all! That's way cool! And - if she never mentioned a Word about Any of it - then run - don't walk - RUN! and get you psychic's license! I will be your first customer. . .

uniquelynat said...

so funny! really- how funny is it! and what are the chances! and you would make a great psychic. as long as you own lots of scarves!!! and purple. for some reason when i think of those types i think of scarves & purple. and fringe. gold fringe. and lamps dim ones.

and i have made cake recently. does that count? and it's still whole. sitting in the fridge. so if you would like to share you are welcome to come over. it is lemon with strawberry whipped cream filling. and a cute rainbow on the top. and i just don't feel like eating cake. so i'm more than willing to share. but it's not candy. so i understand if you aren't interested.

Shannon said...

Very cool talent you have. We could use your services should you ever open up shop. We have a whole list of things that we have lost, not the least of which are the shelves to the china cabinet that are somewhere between here and NH. If I send a list, do you think you could find them? Thanks!

Merrianne said...

ha haaa!!! it is still freaking me out a little... but a little freakiness ever hurt anyone... right? right! ha haaaa!!!! i love it!!!!

you definitely NEED to go into business... but remember... if you ever dream about numbers--tell me. and it will be my First ever Lottery ticket and i will give you half of the $$$$$.

Merrianne said...

p.s. i forgot to ask you a VERY important question about the dream--

Trina Hautala said...

Wow - that is crazy!!

Mrs. Fish said...

do you take requests? since your dreams obviously come true, i've got a few wishes i'd like you to grant. well, maybe that'd make you a genie. ever have a dream that you were a genie?

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Heidi said...

wow! that is pretty cool!

Nathan said...

I can't even believe how accurate that was. I would seriously be so weirded out by that, but since I know you're not a psycho who looks in people's windows, I think she can relax.

Still, I'm glad you shared because I will be laughing about this for a while.

farmerswife17 said...

So should we call you something cool like Madame Wedgie or the Dream Madame!?

That is really amazing! If I give you some candy could you tell me what town my husband and I (and fam) are supposed to move to, with more little kids? Just Kidding.

We'll just keep praying about it. But it would be nice to have someone just tell us what a good neighborhood would be to move into.

Good luck with the new wardrobe, let me know if you need a crystal ball or anything. I have been saving our toilet paper rolls, cool whip containers, egg cartains and milk jugs for some cool summer projects maybe we could make you something real classy.

Randibee said...

Wow! That is all...

Jessica said...

Hey thanks for the offer to watch Carter while I go to the Spa! For now we are making it a family trip, the boys will hang out at the pool while I'm at the Spa, but if we change our plans you'll be the first to know!! Thanks for the offer.

wonder woman said...

I didn't click on the link because I didn't think I'd know the chick and didn't want to leave your page. As I was reading her reply, I thought, "If I didn't know better, I'd say this is Merrianne!" And it was!! She's hilarious.

That's crazy that your dream was so similar to real life. And freaky.

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I think that's not a fake thing our dream is always similar to our real life.