Monday, July 13, 2009


I believe I live in hell. Because I predicted I would write a post that mentioned that.

Do you remember? I wrote about the paradise that I was living in way back in March and guessed that I might feel a little differently about my paradise in July. (Refresh your memory here) I was soooooooooo right. Kinda prophetic. Who knew it would get so hot in Arizona in the middle of summer? Go me.

Today was an errand day. And it was way too hot for an errand day.

First on the list, I got the oil changed in my car- whilst the children were playing at a friend's house. No-kid time is the best time to change the oil. No kidding. (hehe)

So, on the way to get the oil replaced, I made a quick stop by the library to check out a book that is the 1st in a series. I have already read the 2nd in the series. And had no idea there was a 1st, because the 2nd can totally stand on its own. But after reading the 2nd, and looking at the cover declaring that this author was the same author that wrote a book with a certain word mentioned throughout the 2nd book, I put 2 and 2 together and deduced there must be a 1st book. (Not too many things get past this girl.) And since I loved the 2nd book, I knew I must read the 1st. I was glad it was on the shelf, and immediately checked out the 1st. (follow that?)

After using the self-checkout because I love it so much, I got into my hot car and motored over to the service station. And so I read and read. While the grease monkeys tinkered with my car. And they served me popcorn. Salty popcorn.

After I had been reading for about an hour, I looked up and there was my car- outside the window. I assumed it was done and believed they would soon come and alert me to the same. But they did not. So, I continued devouring the 1st in the series. Until I thought maybe I should ask about my little ride and see if it was done or what.

Sure enough, my car was done. The cashier lady was supposed to have told me, but she was busy talking. No biggie- I love to talk, too. So props to the talker lady. But, even when I am talking, I try to remember to not make someone wait an extra half hour for their car. And I got my car.

And I was off. Back into the inferno. To continue the errands. And to sweat. A lot. All. Day. Long.

Tomorrow, is a stay-at-home day and a babysit-the-world day. So, at least I don't have to sweat too much. Because, really, what's the point of showering and doing your hair when you are in for a day of sweating?

No point.

And I lived happily ever after. Reading the 1st.

The End.


Cynthia said...

Your posts are always so funny. The lengths a Mom has to go to in order to read in peace.

And hey- I also have 'Babysit-the-world' days though I've never called them that. I'm totally stealing that for my life.

Nathan said...

You have just described why I never want to move to Arizona. The winters are amazing, but I would have a really hard time not melting into a puddle on the sidewalk.

P.S. I'm really curious. What books were you reading (1st and 2nd)?

Wendy said...

My brother in law and his family live in Arizona, and they HATE it there. But because they bought a house, and are having a really hard time trying to sell it, they have to wait it out till they can leave. And the main reason they hate it??? Because it is too HOT!! Good luck with all that "hellish" heat. lol

Noelle said...

Curious minds want to know what books you are reading.

Heidi said...

Sounds like a scorcher! At least you got to get a good book in with no interruptions. That is priceless in itself. I too am procrastiating leaving the house in the heat with three children. B is out of town and just have no motivation. Good luck with your bbsitting today. Play dates always make the summer days shorter:) Hope we get to see ya soon:)

cmom said...

Don't bring that with you when you come up here. We have had the most amazing cool summer. I was almost cold when I walked this morning.

Loralee and the gang... said...

That's the good thing about AZ - EVERYone has air conditioning. And they just dwell inside during July and August. Or go out of town to work. Whatever works...

Elizabeth said...

SOOOOO not missing that inferno of heat right now! Although, as you mentioned, March is perfect- now if only there was a way to do away with July and August and the "dry heat" :) Happy Roasting...see you in October or sometime when it's cooler :)

Ashley said...

That is so funny! I believe you, you DO live in hell. If I lived in Arizona, I think I would never set foot outside the air conditioned indoors for most of the year.
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