Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pride Cycle

The husband just confessed a big one to me. Something I don't know if I was ready to hear. But, honestly, I have been waiting and wondering when this day would ever come. Because it is inevitable.

I was downstairs, watching the news, and he went upstairs to get something and said he would be right back.

So, I believed he would. I had no reason not to believe.

About a half hour later, I im'd him to see what the deal was. Where was my husband? He said he would be right down.

After our little chat, he came bounding down the stairs.

I had him help me with something. He is a good helper, btw. And smart. So, I'm glad I have him.

And then I believe his conscience was eating at him and, "Do you want to know what I was really doing upstairs?" says he.

"Yup," answer I.

"Well, I was looking at your facebook profile- mainly who your friends are. And I noticed that you are friends with most of my family members. And I am not. So I requested a bunch of friends you have that I do not."

Now, major major props go out to the husband and his facebook friend-finding frenzy.

Do you know why?

This is why: the husband prides himself on being a facebook snob. I have literally started writing a few posts on this subject that I have never published. And now I wish I had, because I could link back to them as proof that the husband believes he is superior to all other facebookers because he has never pro-actively added anyone as a friend. Yet, he has throngs of people desiring his friendship. And another reason he is a facebook snob: he has never updated his status. I believe he considers this a strength. Can you fault him? He really is a cute facebooker.

Wouldn't it be sweet justice if those friends he just requested ignored his request? Sweet justice, but not very nice. Please be his friend- he needs good facebook examples.

To be fair, I don't believe that he intentionally set out to be a facebook snob, but once he got caught up in the lifestyle, it was pretty much impossible for him to get out. And so, I can appreciate these baby steps he is taking.

Beware of the pride cycle my husband, because there is a fall. And now, you have fallen- and humbled yourself. And I am proud of you for taking the first steps.

Those ones are the hardest, you know.


Nathan said...

This is oddly encouraging. Maybe we mere techie mortals can eventually catch up to him someday.

Anonymous said...

that is funny! :)

big_smartmouth said...

that's funny! i always pat people on the back who are on facebook but never get on because it is SO DANG ADDICTING!! i even have my updates texted to my phone to see who responded fastest to my witty status! *sigh* i need to get a life. so, kudos to the husband! stay strong, my brotha'...stay strong!

Mechelle said...

what a sneaky fella! That is funny!

Melody said...

Ran across your blog tonight and have enjoyed reading it. I love your family picture on your header...we have something in common with our blogs...."wedgies" in the title.I had to smile when I saw it. Now I can convince my hubs that I'm not the only one with wedgies on my blog!

Sandi and Curtis said...

So funny! Let's see who he becomes friends with!