Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just so you know...
John Bytheway
was just added to Friday night's (October 9)
If that doesn't just convince you
to hurry up and purchase your ticket
(or your group tickets),
then I don't know what will.
Because, sorry, I still have not agreed
to speak at the event yet-
they just don't have the seating capacity
for all the women I would bring in.
John is good, right?


Randibee said...

John Whotheway? Just kidding. I really do know who he is.

But I won't go unless you are on the program... ;)

Shannon said...

John Bytheway is awesome. My kids would even come to hear him speak (because we listen to some of his talks on tape ALL the time!)I would so love to be there. Hope you enjoy it enough for both of us!

trublubyu said...

randibee- i'm not on the program, but i will be there ushering, or something. would that be enough to get you there?

Sandi and Curtis said...

We have our tickets and ready to go!!!!

cally said...

Sure, John's okay I guess.

I went to TimeOut last year in Nashville with my sisters. It was fun, but we giggled too much and I think disrupted the rest of those around us having a spiritual experience. Shucks. I daydreamed the whole time that I was a fancy speaker and had really good things to say, and would break out in life altering song at all the perfectly dramatic crescendos of my good stories. I had a good program put together by the time the letter guy spoke, and then I spent too much time choosing my outfits. Selfish, worldy me.

We would most certainly be friends. It was official as soon as I saw your email address, and even more official when I read your profession. I am a wiper by trade, as well. However, I specialize in crud covered surfaces. Noses are not my forte.

I'm so glad you said hi, bestie. If it was indeed you that is.

Cynthia said...

We tried to get in to his event at Educaton Week. It was SO not happening! Get your tickets ladies because if it's anything like it was here, it will sell out.

Kellie said...

I love John Bytheway. I wish I could fly on over for the conference. I have a friend in Tucson who might go. Be nice if I could just fly over.

Cire said...

John and I got kicked out of a girls' hall at heritage halls at curfew one night . . . we also both ended up marrying the girls we were dating.

I think my wife should go with you so she can see who she passed up to get me ;)

wonder woman said...

You have almost talked me into driving down there. I ♥ John Bytheway.