Thursday, August 13, 2009

Many Thanks

Thank you for all your input and help with my parenting class. I loved what you all had to say- and it helped me out. We have such a great resource in the internet and blogs. Aren't we blessed?

And the class went well. I learned that I am doing a better job at being a mom than I thought, because as I studied and pondered and poured over various parenting messages, I received a sweet assurance that my offerings are being accepted by a loving Father. And that I am not ruining my children after all.

In my estimation, the children are what help me stay on the straight and narrow- holding fast to the rod. If not for them (and the husband), I wonder if my prayers would be as fervent, my efforts as diligent, or my focus as pure. The challenge of raising productive pint-sized people is the greatest motivator.

I'm still interested in what works for you as a parent. If you're willing to share.


Mechelle said...

sorry I was so late posting yesterday. Others comments were great. I'm glad it went well.

Carolyn said...

I really enjoyed the lesson and discussion. You did great. Thanks for helping me to feel the spirit and motivating me to work a little harder. I needed that!