Wednesday, September 23, 2009


just a little heads up:

if you and i trade babysitting once a week
and my car battery dies in your driveway
when i drop off little son,
don't offer your car to me
so that i can make it to my presidency meeting on time.

because my car could be contagious
and it is possible
that your car battery
may be dead within 5 hours.


The Robinsons said...


Nathan said...

Two batteries in one day? I'm betting that's a record.

Somebody call the Guinness organization.

Ruth P said...

That is a bummer! I guess Elphaba was right when she sang, "No good deed goes unpunished!"

The Head Eagle said...

Your so cute! What a bummer that your car died! What if rather than offer you a car, I offer nothing but a ride? Do you think the possibility of spreading disease would subside?

uniquelynat said...

wow. how could you even know that would happen. what are you doing to cars today??? you may not borrow mine until you are over cursing the batteries.

That Girl said...

HA! This could be a country song.

Stefany said...

What are the chances......... it did make me laugh when it happened though...