Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another List

This is what I love:

Personal relationships that allow for greater understanding. (understand?)

A little son who asks for help finding his train cars in the toy box, and kneels down beside me to give support while I am searching the deep dark pit. And then a whispered, Thank you Mom, even when no train cars are located.

Cool morning air after months of sweltering heat. Even if it is just for one morning.

A middle daughter who thinks bangs are cuter than breasts. Long story.

Diamond earrings the husband gave me for mother's day- they cuten up even the baddest of bad hair days and make them a little more bearable.

Ceiling fans to chase away the rising heat of the day.


A secret chocolate stash in my purse. Shhhh...

A husband who supports me in my church responsibilities.


An oldest daughter who has voice-recorded a list of miscellaneous items on her MP3 player, plugs it into her speakers and listens to it as she is drifting off to sleep. And then I can stand by her bed and hear her sweet voice before I power the MP3 player down for the night after she has fallen fast into dreamland.

A little son who can't get his backpack off the hook because it is just too stinkin' hard!

Employment that allows the husband to work from home on occasion.

A loving Heavenly Father who hears my pleas for guidance and answers with personal inspiration. At a PTA meeting.

What is on your list today?


Ginny said...

what a good list.... "hew cute witto eyes fweak me out! " :) I totally wanna hear the bangs are cuter than breasts story! I think She has got more education from this pregnancy and baby than any 5 year old should!! she cracks me up!!!

Cynthia said...

After my experiences the last couple of weeks in the 'real world', I'm thankful for so much.

On my list I'd have to include a husband who works hard so that I can be here, in our home, to enjoy all the moments our children bring.

I'm also grateful for kids who said they'd give up many things they value if it meant being able to have me continue here at home (nothing like that is needed but it's nice to know they value what I do).

Ruth P said...

I love...

wet baby kisses
our garden
green grass
a clean house
happy children noises
handprints on the sliding glass door
"I love you" notes from my kids
"You're the best mom ever!" from my kids
My husband
My husband's "smell," kisses, hugs

I could go on and on! Thank you for getting me to think about it!

We Are Family said...


wonder woman said...

- Hot tamales
- tantrums that end with "I'm done crying now!"
- sunlight
- neighborhood children that keep my own children occupied

Loralee and the gang... said...

I love that weekly email from my missionary son.
I love fresh produce from my garden.
I love my cute little grandbabies.
I could go on...

Melody said...

I love:
A walk in the rain with my son; my two year old's voice that sounds a bit a like an "ewok"; a husband who loves God and his family; and.....well, chocolate

Shannon said...

Thanks. I needed that. A list of my own will be in order tonight. Maybe not to share with the world, but to make sure my head is screwed on straight!

Miche' said...

I love-

stacks of folded laundry
my Primary books.. I have 100
Americopy-hence the previous!
a diet Coke w/vanilla from SONIC!
my kids with their backpacks on and freshly combed hair! You know they are not coming back looking that way!
My husband in a white shirt and tie!
a clean kitchen-not particular with other parts of the house!
General Conference-I can't wait!

Thanks for posting! I enjoy your blog!

Heidi said...

Congratulations on doing what mom's do best, giving up something good (a good hair day) for something even better (a nap!)

Here's my list:


Modern conveniences—microwave, car, curling iron..none of which I really have a clue how they work but I can't live without them!

Fresh tortillas

Modern INconveniences—phone keyboard that won’t let me text and a satellite dish that freezes every time there is a punch line….oops, missed it!

When my kids show gratitude

Hot deals, I’m talkin’ bahg-INS!(Today: fabric softener 2.00, 4/$1 zuccini, 4 lbs. strawberries 2.50 and little bags of chips for lunches .20 a bag!) A few days ago: stapler set with remover and a billion refill for $1!!

Even better…Free stuff! (see Foodie Friday post at smushedgoldfish...)

Healthy kids &… HUSBAND..FINALLY!!

Helpful and supportive friends

Generous caring parents

Paper plates

Watching my left handed kindergartner figure out how to write forwards and start at the left side of the paper

Listening to my toddler babble on and on to strangers after saying "Hello!! How are you!" They don't appreciate it as much as I do!

When my second grader finally shows true remorse for her actions

Fridays!! No homework!!