Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Planets and Stuff

Yesterday was a good hair day. And usually, when the planets align in such a manner, I do my best to preserve the hair. At all costs. Because it hardly ever happens.

So, with fabulous hair we made pbj's for lunch. And that's all. Because little son wanted nothing else- NOTHING else. But, I wasn't in a pbj mood, so I opted for chicken salad and carrots. And then, he happened to fall asleep on the family room floor right after we ate, which hardly ever happens. And I dared not move him.

I watched him sleep for a few moments. Shallow in and out breaths as his chest danced the slow dance of sleep. And I realized I had nothing pressing on my schedule (again, hardly ever happens) and perhaps I might like to get in on the dance. Afterall, my dance card was way open.

And I was faced with a moral dilemma: nap while little son is sleeping- which tends to throw the planets out of orbit and mess up the hair. Or preserve the hair and remain the wall-flower at the dance.

I chose a nap- the family room couch as my dancing partner.

And it was bliss.

Pssshhhh, who cares about the hair, anyway?

P.S. Do you know that the phrase "hardly ever happens" reminds me of the Disney movie Watcher in the Woods? Usually when I say it, I use a little freaky voice, because that's how they say it in the movie. And when you come across a freaky little voice phrase- you should use it as often as you can.

P.P.S. Please, please visit Shorty at Securityville again- today she expounds on yesterday's guest post and talks about how LDS women's blogs have influenced her life. It's a dynamic post- it left me feeling warm fuzzies.


Kellie said...

I'm not sure what this "good hair day" thing is that you speak of. I don't think I have ever had one. You must enlighten me.

And I totally agree about the Watcher in the Woods movie! I loved that creepy show as a kid.

Nathan said...

Just a little jealous. I can't take naps.


Well, I can, but I always wake up with a headache and nausea. My sister is the same way, so I may have stuck with being a wallflower.

Still, I have been known to take a nap when I'm desperate.

HanksFam said...

OK, so one of the things that bugs me is when I feel like I'm having a great hair day and I don't see anyone of importance the whole day (except for my husband, of course).

Mrs. Fish said...


Hua said...

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