Monday, October 19, 2009

a little thank you

Dear Facebook,

It's time someone wrote you a little thank you note. I will do the honors.

Thank you for telling me that all my friends are closet farmers. When I decide to be a farmer and get some chickens, I have 216 people who can give me advice. And maybe they will send a little gift my way. And probably ask for one in return.

Thank you for suggesting people that I can be friends with. Even if they don't know me.

Thank you for encouraging my friends to be members of the mafia. I don't think they could have gotten in if someone else hadn't invited them. I think some of them are pretty successful kingpins.

Thank you for providing a wall that people can actually write on. Because heaven knows that I would never allow that in my own home.

Thank you for letting me know all my girlfriends' maiden names. When their kiddos are grown, I will have all their security passwords.

Thank you for keeping me posted on what some of them are doing at all hours of the day and night.

Thank you for letting them post pictures of me and tag me in them so that anyone can access them.

Thank you for allowing me to tell people when I like something that they said. Do you have a dislike button in the works?

Thank you for reminding me when my friends' birthdays are. It's very convenient to slap a little greeting on their wall.

Thank you for letting me poke someone without hurting them or getting in trouble.

Thank you for reconnecting me with people I haven't seen in decades.

Thank you for having a quiz to let me know which Saved By the Bell character I am most like.

Thank you for letting me be friends with my nephews and nieces.

Thank you for keeping me apprised of the swine flu situation in my friends' homes.

Thank you for helping me designate friends and family members.

Thank you for providing a way for me to be a fan of just about anything.

Thank you for having a space that I could go and remind people to Tune in Tuesday to my little blog if I felt the need.

Thank you for always being willing to listen to what is on my mind.

And that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. What did we ever do without you?


***Tune In Tuesday for the first in a three part series on my thoughts regarding motherhood.


Jess said...

I tried to push the "like" button, but blogger doesn't have one of those..

Miche' said...

Great post! I will need to find ya on facebook! It is the best!

wonder woman said...

I have hidden all farmville things. And certain friends who update with the dumbest things 8 times a day. "Hide" and "Ignore" are definitely my favorite buttons to push on facebook. Oh, and add flair. I love me some flair.

Heidi said...

Ahh the wonders of forgot the "ignore" button..wait...she already said that (when you don't have time to tend other peoples sheep or fish or rainforest) and I hope they are in the works with a "Heck No!" button too. Some people from the past just need to stay in the past!

The Head Eagle said...

Oh FB..I don't even know where to begin.....

I'm pretty sure you covered it all!

Marni said...

Hilarious!! You are seriously funny! I love reading your posts and I am glad that I am your friend on facebook too! :)

Cynthia said...

Amen! I've had so much fun finding people from the past- people who now know I'm a lot fatter thanks to photo tagging!

Actually, just this last week we found my husband's former Foreign Exchange Student. He's living in the Netherlands but will soon move to Belgium. We reconnected with someone halfway around the world! So amazing!

Sandi and Curtis said...

I love the IGNORE or HIDE buttons as well. Some people have waaaayyyy too much time on FB! I think you covered it well.