Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Summer's Long Good-bye

Pretty sure summer is about *this close* to being over. And that is fine by me. It has been a hot, hot summer. And short. Because school started way early for the children. And long. Because we still had 108 degree temps last week.

Review: Summer= almost over, hot, short, long.

But, like I said, I'm pretty sure it's about over. This is how I know:

the husband has been tuning up the bikes

when I open my house door leading into my garage before I lock up for the night to be sure there are no bad guys hiding out in there, I am not offended by a fiery furnace-like blast of hot as hades air

the children are requesting hot chocolate as a beverage to go along with dinner

we rode bikes and went to the park all in one day because it was cool enough to be outside for an extended period of time

people live in my neighborhood- I have seen them outside

my desire to clean my house has returned

the husband and I spend the dusky hours on the back lawn with the children

when I turn on the water to cold, I can actually feel water that is a little bit cool

morning walks are pleasant (actually they have always been pleasant as far as the company, but not so pleasant as far as the temperature)

the husband and I both are feeling the hiking bug coming on

fairies are looking for a little garden space to call their own

I'm ready to welcome fall with open arms. The next 6 months are going to be awesome. You should come visit.


Shannon said...

We're actually going to be in AZ next week for my sister's sealing. We are somewhat looking forward to a little "summer" again while we're there, though I have to admit I love cooler weather. Wish we'd have time to visit, but it's a whirlwind trip. I'll think of you, though! Need anything from up here? We could arrange a secret drop off spot and make a clandestine exchange!

Elizabeth said...

This is the time of year that I REALLY miss about Phoenix. The weather is perfect and you get almost a "senioritis" feeling about going outside. And, all the people start being nice again-no more grouchy people due to super hot weather. Enjoy your outdoors time and have a turn at the park for me!!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I have only been in Arizona in March and October. Lovely both times. And still warm enough to visit the pool! (After all, I had just left snow on the ground, and the threat of snow on the ground. It was wonderful...)

Messy Jess said...

we just got 6 inches of snow. It was so wet and heavy - the power was on and off for 24 hours. Would love to feel some of your heat! I had fun catching up on your blog...

Nathan said...

I love fall too. I hate winter, though. Hate it.

Same with summer. I think the perfect climate would be a constant 70 degrees.

But I'm a wimp who hates to mow the lawn and hates shoveling snow just as much.

The Head Eagle said...

You are such a trooper..I could not tolerate the high temperatures! There isn't a fall season long enough!

Kellie said...

My fall doesn't sound like yours. Can we switch? My fall is already down in the low 50s for the daily high and I'm freezing my butt off. I would love to come visit:)

Kaylyn and Rob said...

It is funny how opposite our weather is. While you are getting ready to go outdoors, we are beginning our hibernation. Hope you enjoy your outdoors. I will miss it!

Heidi said...

Why thank you, I will!