Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tune In Tuesday

You came!
I hope you are willing to share your
General Conference Gems
Tune in Tuesday.
Will you?

I'll start.

Wasn't it an amazing conference? I loved it. From the moment it started on Saturday.

Saturday my favorite talks were Elder Oaks and Elder Bednar. Both I am determined to go back and study more in-depth. But, I am sorry that I didn't take notes. I don't know why I didn't. But, I did on Sunday. And so glad I did. Because I am prepared to share specifics from Sunday's conference. Actually, I'm prepared to share the goals I have set as a result of conference.

President Eyring quoted a favorite Primary song- I'm Trying to be Like Jesus. And it reminded me that I should be doing just that- everyday. Trying to be like Jesus and following in His ways.

He also talked about marriage and companions. And it reminded me that I need to pray for my sweet husband more.

Elder Perry talked about the pioneers and their dedication to building temples. And it reminded me that my home can compare to the temple in sacredness. And if my home is going to compare to the temple, I better get busy building it. (metaphorically speaking)

Sister Dibb referred to Lehi's Dream and the Iron Rod. And I thought of the dream and the scriptures and the actual terms used in describing the people in the dream. Some of them were clinging to the rod, while others were holding fast. I paused to consider the difference between clinging and holding fast. Clinging seems desperate and fleeting and slipping and in danger of letting go. Holding fast seems fixed and determined and converted. Hold fast to the iron rod.

I loved how Elder Nelson talked about how we can access information from heaven without hardware, software or monthly access fees. Really- Heavenly Father is cutting edge in technology. Access His power more often and more sincerely. It's free.

President Monson talked about how one man's father asked him daily, "What did you do for someone today?" My children are excited about discussing this every evening. And placing warm fuzzies in our jar for each kind act rendered.

Elder Holland's passionate testimony of the Book of Mormon spoke to me in a way that no testimony has in a long time. I know this book is truth. I can study deeper.

I have resolved to frequently biopsy my changed heart to be sure that it is not in danger of rejection. I was grateful for Elder Renlund's honest story of when he worked Sundays and consciously chose to miss church on one particular Sunday.

These are just some of the resolutions prompted by listening to the Lord's servants. I'm grateful for personal inspiration.

One final thing:
Bishop Burton mentioned Peter Pan in his talk. Immediately little son's attention was grabbed. He said, "Mom, he talked about Peter Pan! And Peter Pan lives with the Lost Boys!"

Once Bishop Burton had concluded his talk, little son said, "That was a good talk about Peter Pan. But he didn't talk about Captain Hook."

I suspect he did, if only little son knew what to listen for.

Now it's your turn. Won't you please share with us some of your impressions from General Conference?


Claire said...

I think I was most inspired by the music this conference. I remember I was in the kitchen as they sang "Come Come ye Saints" and the words to the song seemed to answer somethings I was pondering about.
And who could not have been moved by the beautiful "O Divine Redeemer"

Noelle said...

The two talks that touched me the most:

Elder Holland. How can you doubt at all after hearing his testimony? When I grow up I want to be like Elder Holland.

And I loved Pres. Monson's talk about the the acts of service. When he said this about a little boy: "My grandpa had a stroke and I held his hand..." well, that had me in tears for about an hour.

Lizdee said...

I wanted to improve two things: to seek the guidance of the spirit more in my life, and serve and love others. I get complacement--glad conference is there to help pull us up a bit.

Sandi and Curtis said...

It is so hard to pick. Every talk was excellent! I did see a general theme or two:
1. We had better understand who Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ are - what they look like, their attributes...so we can become like them and LOVE others as they do and WE need to Love them...this speaks volumes to obedience!
2. Fortify your homes: be consistent, have FHE, family prayer, family scripture, go to the temple MORE and make your home like a Temple.
3. I felt that this conference was not really to the world or to some border-line active members...but to those holding FAST (see Stephanie's notes) and what they can do to receive personal salvation and for their families. This was another rung on the ladder to "Raise the Bar".
4. There was no mention of food storage, debt, money, or anything of physical nature. All spiritual.

This totally reminded me of Pres. Boyd K. Packer's talk to us in Regional ARizona Stake Conference last year...this nation is going to look very different from what we have ever known. You will only find safety within the walls of your own home, within your Wards and STakes of Zion. Create Zion...you will have peace.

Sorry to say so much...but those were the themes we found.

Messy Jess said...

I like how spiritually aware you are.

Marisa said...

I loved the end of Sister Dibb's talk when she said to President Monson, "Oh, Dad. The blessings we experience as members of the Church and the promised blessings of the temple are so good. If only we would reach out and accept them." President Monson responded: "Ann, they are everything."

That really stayed with me.