Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tune In Tuesday

It's such a treat for me to introduce to you

one of the first women I met

when I started blogging.

Many of you may know her as

The Head Eagle

over at

An Eagles View.

Did you know:

she packs heat

she has a purse addiction

she has two darling boys and a beautiful little angel daughter in heaven and a husband

she's a busy mommy

at one point she was managing multiple blogs-- successfully

she crochets

she's a Ute fan

tomorrow is her birthday!!

I have loved getting to know her through blogging.

Sit back, enjoy her post

and then go on over to her place

and swap howdies.

And go back often!

She likes me…really really likes me.. Those were the thoughts that crossed my mind when Stephanie asked me to write a guest post. Either that, or she is at the end of the list. I would like to think that the latter is not the case. Regardless, I am honored to be posting here today. I blog, for so very many reasons. I’ve learned a lot over the course of my blogging days and I’ve been grateful for every opportunity that it has afforded me.

Blogging with a Cause

Because it is blogging that has brought me here today –as a guest blogger, I thought the topic of ‘Why I blog’, seemed quite appropriate.

I began this journey, very unsuspecting of what I would find. I originally created this little space of mine, as a way to share our family happenings with friends and family. However, something much greater has kept me blogging.

That something great is not so much what I do for my blog, but what it does for me…

My blog provides me with a creative outlet, a way for me to express myself endlessly. Despite the fact that I have finally settled in with my blogs look and layout, I continue to express myself through my writing. It has been said –by those that know me best, that if you really want to see me, you come here….or in today’s instance…there (read: my blog). Although I continue to share our family happenings, my style of doing so is very much my own. All of it done with a good healthy dose of me, and expressions of who I am.

More important, is the fact that my blog is a reminder that this world is much smaller than is seems. There have been many times –as a working mother/sometimes single mother, that I have felt very alone. It takes only one or two clicks-away from my own blog, that I realize my feelings to be far from fact. Because the fact is, there are mothers everywhere –just like me, dealing with runny noses, late nights and potty training. It is these same mothers that have gone from just fellow bloggers to friends.

I never could have imagined the lessons I would learn, or the people I would meet through blogging. The lessons learned, life changing; and the genuine friendships, Priceless. Blogging truly enriches my life, everyday. Making the lessons learned and the friendships forged, the exact reason 'Why I Blog'.


Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Hiya trueblue's blog. Great post Head Eagle. It's so true, the things that keep me coming back. I know there are bloggers out there who blog to be only heard but then there are others, like us, that not only blog but go visit blogs and really start to form friendships, and see that life is affecting everyone around us. Good thoughts!

Martha said...

What a beautiful post, H.E. I could have written this, (not as well of course), but this truly reflects how I feel and how much I learn from blogland and my dear friends like you.
Nice to meet the Lil Wedgie Family, thanks for featuring my friend! Beautiful family btw and I hope to visit soon.

blueviolet said...

You speak the truth! We may all have slightly different reasons as to why we began blogging but I think we can universally agree that the blogging community and the friendships we're making are every bit as real as those offline. And I'm grateful that one of those very dear friendships is with you, Miss Head Eagle.

The Head Eagle said...

Phew! I'm here! I'm here! You would think, it being my big debut, I would have been the first one here. Not that case (when you have limited internet during the day).

Thanks again for featuring me! It has been an honor! You have no idea..and the sweet things you said about me! You are so kind!

Velva said...

Great blog post! I think you sum up for many of us why we blog. Thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

Amen and amen. Great post.