Monday, November 9, 2009


Image used without permission, but ain't it great?

Today is my beautiful wife's birthday. For those of you who know her, you know that beautiful has many connotations:

- Beautiful looks (woot woo!)
- Beautiful personality
- Beautiful spirit
- Beautiful in how she develops her talents
- Beautiful in her thoughts
- Beautiful legs (she has great legs, have you seen them?)
- Beautiful in how she uses words
- Beautiful mothering skills
- Beautiful hair (grrr!)
- Beautiful how she loves me
- Beautiful in her tenderness to our family
- Beautiful in her sexiness
- Beautiful in her tastes
- Beautiful in her emotional expressions
- Beautiful in how she decorates our home
- Beautiful in sharing sacred, intimate moments with her husband
- Beautiful ideas
- Beautiful in her spontaneity
- Beautiful hook shot (she is a tough basketball competitor)
- Beautiful in her passions
- Beautiful in her virtue
- Beautiful in her service of others

Basically, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me; the best decision I ever made was to marry her. She makes my world beautiful. I love her in a way that would fill the emptiness of space, and make it feel warm and cozy.

The kids got up this morning, got dressed (I, the hubby, did the hair as best I could), and presented mom with the gifts they each individually chose for her. What a tender moment to watch my beautiful wife as her children dote over her, wanting to express their love to the woman who makes our house a home.

Now, for a little story time. My daughter was ill a few months ago, and I took her to an after hours urgent care, where she was given a prescription - and we filled it at a nearby Walgreens. While in line, the following display caught my attention.

Now, while some employees at Walgreens, and maybe some of you, may think that Theraflu, Tylenol or a three-pack of Carmex may be the best item in Avondale (that was the only sign on this entire display, we still have no idea which it refers to), they obviously have never met my beautiful wife. She is not only the best item in Avondale, but in the world.

As I always say: My wife is the ideal woman of every man's dreams (sorry ladies). I feel privileged to be hers forever. Dear, I passionately love you. May all your birthday dreams come true.

Please join with me in wishing my wife a happy birthday!

I love you dear!

(Tune in tomorrow for another riveting Tune in Tuesday! I promise I'm not the guest blogger!)


Ginny said...

This was a BEAUTIFUL post! I too, think you have a BEAUTIFUL wife! I love her! Happy Birthday Steph! You really have no idea how much I look up to you as a sister/friend/mother. I'm so glad you are my sis. I hope you have a great day! Great post Chris, and wonderful tribute!

Noelle said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! I love how much Chris loves you!!! If we could all be so lucky!

I hope you have a fabulous day!!!

uniquelynat said...

simply put...that was beautiful! what a loving expression from a loving husband to his wonderful wife & best friend! BEAUTIFUL chris!!!

Happy Birthday sweet sister! I love you! I hope you have the grandest day!!

uniquelynat said...

oh- that is a really good picture by the way. i think you look just lovely in it!!

Claire said...

Happy Birthday from all of us. If I was on top of things I would have sent you a lovely card, but I am not so this will have to do. We really appreciate you. Chris is right. You are amazing.

Loralee and the gang... said...

What a sweet tribute! You are a wonderful hubby.

Nathan said...

Happy Birthday!

When I first saw the Theraflu picture, I panicked, expecting to hear you are sick on your birthday.

Thank goodness I was wrong.

Cynthia said...

Awwhhh. So sweet! Happy Birthday!

Kellie said...

that was so sweet! Happy Birthday!

Ruth P said...

Happy birthday, Steph! I agree with Chris, that the world is more BEAUTIFUL because you are in it!

K said...

Happy Birthday my dear! I hope you had the best birthday ever! (o:
I am completely wowed that your husband could write such a lovely post. I'd have to pay my husband big bucks to do something like that...hahaha!

Mechelle said...

This is a little late, but "better late than never" right?

First, Happy (belated) Birthday, Stephanie!! I hope your day was grand!

To Chris, YOU ROCK!

Your kids are so blessed to have you two as parents, you both are awesome people. :D

Sandi and Curtis said...

Are you guys newlyweds? ha ha! Good for you both! Happy Birthday Stephanie!