Thursday, November 19, 2009

Poetry Lessons and Sea Weed Picking

Among oldest daughter's greatest concerns is that she might possibly have a mother whose Junie B. proficiency does not meet industry standards.

As we prepared for bed this evening she reminded me that I am three volumes behind. (She passes each book to me once she has completed them) In order to appease the second grade cutie, I sidled up near the husband and cracked the spine of Junie B., First Grader: Cheater Pants once the children were in bed.

Believing that the husband should be well-versed in all things Junie B., I read aloud as he gave me a nice back rub and massaged my feet. Good trade, no?

The two of us read as oldest daughter lay in her bed, listening to Pachelbel's Canon in D. Until she couldn't sleep and traipsed into our room to alert us to her non-slumber status. (no surprise, just part of our nightly routine) The husband reminded her to lie on her back, arm raised and let it sway as she "picked sea weed". (also part of the nightly routine) (proper lay / lie usage? I think so. Holly, can you verify?)

Just as we began to read about Mr. Scary explaining the rules of the cinquain to Room One, little son awoke crying. Legs aching. Inconsolable. Oldest daughter still sea weed picking. Middle daughter long into dreamland.

Once all the leg issues were addressed, little son cuddled, rocked (as in: rocking chair) and serenaded and we were ensured the sea weed picking was progressing swimmingly, we eagerly returned to Junie B. and the cheater pants cinquain lesson.

It occurred to me, in between giggles, I might want to try my hand at a little cinquain.

We finished the book. It was delightful. Gotta love that little Junie B.

And the sea weed picker. Who had finally fallen asleep.

Oh, yeah, that cinquain. Here goes:

Obsessed, Excited
Loving, Re-reading, Buzzing
I'm staying home tonight

Did you see New Moon? What did you think?


wonder woman said...

I was totally obsessed with Twilight last year. But I've barely paid attention to any of the New Moon stuff. I didn't even realize when it was opening. Then at 8:30 I got a text from a friend saying she saw it and it was good. So on a whim, I bought a ticket online to the local theater's midnight showing.

It was SO GOOD! Great effects. Seamless story. Better acting. It was really good!

Ginny said...

I left Colin last night and went to a party and then saw the movie. I LOVE the books, but the movies really aren't that great! I will admit the second one was better than the first, but i really just can't stand bella and edward! I've never even thought Edward was cute....i think im more team jake in terms of looks! But we had fun just because it was TWILIGHT, and i think it is what it is. But definitley a good time. The acting on bella and edward's part isn't great, but I think because I love the book so much then I accept the movie for what it is. that's all! I'm glad your sea weed picking girl and leg ache boy finally went to bed. poor things!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Going Saturday night!

uniquelynat said...

great cinquain!! oh great. i hear water running outside. gotta check on the boy and see what he's doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uniquelynat said...

ok- now really. i think i am seeing the movie with jennifer tomorrow night. we shall see. i decided even before i saw the last one to take them at face value. they were never going to live up to the books. so why compare!?

The Head Eagle said...

I love the Sea Weed Picking! You are such a creative parent! Both you and your hubby!

As for New Moon..that would be a negative. I won't see it until it comes out on DVD. *sigh*

Mouse said...

Saw it! Loved it!

dyeve said...

wow..impresive..verry interesting blog with nice topics.. Congrats! and a beautiful week-end!

Kellie said...

I'm totally going to have to try the sea weed picking thing with my oldest. Usually we do a "secret thing" which is really just a relaxation thing where you try to put the person in a safe place. Usually she's with fairies or flowers that can sing to her. Tonight she went apple picking in her secret thing. Love it.