Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tune In Tuesday

Welcome to
Tune in Tuesday!

We're just 9 days from a whole lotta feastin'.
Can't wait.
Little son was asking his friend today,
"What are you going to be for Thanksgiving?"
It made me smile.

Today, just one little order of business to take care of.
The winner of last week's Tune in Tuesday


Melody is the author of Life is a Bowl of Wedgies.

I promise, the competition was not rigged!
I do not favor wedgie bloggers.
Nor do I favor bloggers with wedgies.
Nor do I condone giving wedgies.
Even if you have no blog/wedgie connection,
you had a fair shot!

If you have never been over to Melody's blog,
you should go visit.
Like right now.

Yay Melody!
Happy Tuesday to you!

And, for all of you who wondered where this cute little elf can be purchased,
head on over to your neighborhood Kirkland's store.
Like right now.
Before they are all gone.


uniquelynat said...

SO glad that i went and bought one (or 2). not only because i didn't win, but because the store i went to was already out! they called another store for me- and that store only had a few left!

BUT- i was also told that they have a similar (slightly larger) elf at Safeway.

so good luck to anyone else hoping to buy one!

Villager said...

Wow ... are we that close to Thanksgiving holiday already? Man, this is another year that has just flown by.

Anyhow, I enjoy your weekly Tune In Tuesday posts!

peace, Villager

mom and dad said...

Tell little son that you're going to be like grandpa: "a turkey"

Jennifer said...

Love the elf idea and your blog! Nat was awesome and picked me up a little elf friend. My girls are going to love it.

Camryn said...

Hi there! I'm visiting from MMB. I LOVE your header! Your family picture is just precious!Love your blog design!

Cute blog too! I loved what your little son said by asking what you wanted to be for thanksgiving. Aren't kids great? I enjoy reading what they say, it always brightens my day. Thanks for sharing!

Melody said...

Oh my word, I'm so excited!!!! Thank you
so much for letting me know. We've been
out of town for the last three days. I cannot
wait for the elf on a shelf!!!! You cracked me
up about all your wedgie comments! My email
is bowlofwedgies@yahoo.com if you will email me
I'll give you my address.