Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tune In Tuesday

It's Tune in Tuesday!

Honestly, I got nothing. Not a single thing.

So, all I can offer is a quick little anecdote from my yesterday.

It goes like this:

Little son and I had been chasing pigeons from our newly winter-seeded back lawn all morning. Such a crying shame. They thought we had laid out a breakfast spread for their little greedy beaks.

This is an instance where a mom realizes she must take a stand for her children. I knew that I would have to call in reinforcements if my little ones were to have a green velvety carpet of grass to play on all winter. And I had to stand up to those pigeons.

First thing after visiting teaching, little son and I headed out to purchase the perfect pigeon chaser. It can be found at the Dollar Store.

As we pulled into the shopping center, little son directed that we should first go to Target to sift through any Halloween remnants that would be imperative for purchase. Namely a pirate sword. Important.

We most certainly found the perfect sword.

And on to the Dollar Store for pigeon chasers. We picked out five perfectly pre-filled mylar balloons- two happy birthday butterflies, one green star, a wedding bell and a get well soon- because who knows what those silly pigeons might be celebrating at any given moment. And we had plans to stake them (the balloons, not the pigeons. K, PETA?) in the yard as soon as we arrived home. Perfect pigeon chasers. I tell you.

As we loaded them up into the little Smart car, little son told me that now that I had gotten the balloons, he would take care of writing the "get lost" letter. (I had no idea we were including a letter) And it would go like this:

Dear Pigeons,
You need to get scared A.WAY.
Because you eat our grass seed.

I think that should do it. Because I just don't have time to stand outside all day, shooing away pigeons.

****Now, I know that you all know many amazing people. Can you help me out and tell me who you would like to see as a guest blogger here on this little space? Pretty please? Don't be shy- leave me a word, won't you? Because I can't read your mind and I know you are thinking of someone. I think.


Mom said...

I love the idea of a note to the pigeons. It can be tied to a balloon or taped to the top of one. I wonder if you had a guest speaker of a grandma. I've been thinking about things like that since I went to my great aunts funeral this past week.

Villager said...

Happy TIT! Your idea of chasing pigeons was much better than the one that we used when I was a kid ... a sling shot! I don't even think that you can find sling shots anymore nowadays.

I invite your blog readers to enjoy Tune In Tuesday with Jill Scott!

peace, Villager

Ruth P said...

I think Randi should be your next guest speaker! :)

mom and dad said...

I'm with Ruth...Randi would be great..I want to know , did the pigeons take flight because of the balloons?

uniquelynat said...

Randi would be great!! i would get a great laugh for sure! this was funny. cute little son!!! hope the balloons did the job so you didn't have to.

Nathan said...

Your readers might like to hear from Becky at Project Domestication. She is also at Utah Loves Cupcakes.

Loralee and the gang... said...

It's the whole scarecrow thing, right? Makes perfect sense to me!
I think you should ask Jade from Stellmon-sters to guest post. She can take the most ordinary things and make them incredibly funny! She's on my blog list, but I'll make it easy - her url is:
http://jadeandben.blogspot.com/. I also have her email if you would like to contact her that way.

Shorty said...

What a great idea! Mylar balloons are so fun anyway, and to have a smattering of them in your yard? I find that completely exciting!

The Head Eagle said...

Love the letter! You have one smart son! I have never heard of the mylar balloon trick! Good to know!