Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reaching the Summit

Sitting in Sacrament Meeting this afternoon, I was momentarily distracted by a little blond flash of a child who was intent on making it to the stairs by the pulpit, presumably to climb them and do whatever he pleased once he reached the top.

Predictably, he was followed by a taller blond flash of a mother who scooped him up moments before he summited. Crushing his dreams, they made the long walk back up the aisle to their original seats.

A few minutes later, there was that little flash of blond. This time a bit quicker and more determined to reach his goal. Yet, once again, he was thwarted as his red-faced father hoisted him up and returned him to his assigned seat.

I can only imagine the mother and father moments before- the mother directing the father to collect that little blond flash, since she had already met her blond-flash-gathering quota for the day.

This caused me to ponder as to why children have been since the beginning of time and will be until the end of days, so resolute in their attempts at escaping the clutches of their parents during Sacrament Meeting and rushing to the wonder that is the pulpit of the chapel.

As I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that the pulpit holds such mystery for children because they are perceptive enough to know that during Sacrament Meeting, the attention of the congregation is focused on that very spot.

(Plus, the pulpit is the home of the magical microphone. And what child has never dreamed of putting their tiny lips right up on that microphone so that all in attendance will be privy to what they have on their mind?)

And my thoughts hovered around the focus of the congregation. And the pulpit as the target of our focus. And the pulpit as a symbol of the Savior and the gospel. I began to think of my children and the days that they attempted an escape to the pulpit. They knew that I was focusing my attention on that pulpit.

Do they know where my attention is focused today? Do they know that my focus is on the Savior? On the husband? On our marriage? The gospel? Them? Serving others?

Or do they see me on the computer or involved in other vain pursuits and think that is my focus? Which will they choose to rush to?

I am grateful for today. And for that reminder. Because I have resolved to refine my focus. I want my children to see that I am focused on the Savior. And the husband. Our marriage. The gospel. Them. Serving others. I can imagine the direction it will give them.

I want my children to reach that summit.


uniquelynat said...

loved your thoughts! my children have never made a pulpit run. i wonder why? now i feel like they aren't normal. thanks. ;)

That Girl said...


Anonymous said...
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Kellie said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing it:)

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Children simply act like children - it's what they do. LOL
Great thoughts!

Nathan said...

Well, I'm impressed.

You manage to post pure gold, and the only thing I can think to blog about is the clog in my shower drain.

Emzwee said...

Thanks for your thought. It made a huge difference for me today :)

Michelle said...

And again I reminded why I love you!

Mechelle said...

You are Awesome!!

Melody said...

"which will they choose to rush to" Wow, this was a powerful post and a great one for blogging and busy mommies. I need to read this today. I want my kids rushing to our Savior as well. Tonight our three year old went and got her little barbie laptop and brought it into the living room and and said, "Now we all have a computer." In light of the recent busy days on the comptuer, her comment and your post I think I'm needing to listen to something the Holy Spirit just might be speaking into my heart. You are such a gifted writer.