Tuesday, March 2, 2010

True Confession

I have been told that I do not post enough pictures of myself on this blog. And so, this afternoon I went on the hunt for a suitable picture. I came across this beauty. A portrait the likes of which have never been equaled- unless you lived in the 90's, then maybe you have an equal, or at least a rival. And thought that I would post it. Because, I would rather be embarrassed for my past appearance than for my current one.
And so, without further adieu, I give you me. In all my glory. In the 90's. With braces. And huge bangs. Because in those days, styling your hair was synonymous with building a monument to the gods.

This picture, along with a few more from my glory days sat on the kitchen counter. When the children got home from school, oldest daughter began to shuffle through them. I had put a couple specific photos aside to be sure and show the children. Because, did you know that a few of my old high school friends are in our new ward? Even, did you know that the Primary President in our new ward is one of those old friends?! And so, I set aside a few pictures of her for my girls to look at. And they recognized right away that she is the Primary President. She will be thrilled.


Oldest daughter studied each picture- lingering especially long on all my old dance pictures, where I'm all dolled up in velvets and tafettas and wrist coursages- and, upon suitable scrutiny, stated, "Mom, now I know all your secrets!"
Well, I guess the joke's on her because she really doesn't know ALL my secrets.
But, lucky for you, because I am about to share one with you today.
And I'm going to tell you in a long, drawn-out fashion. Because I am nothing if not long-winded. And wordy. After all, why say something in 4 sentences when you can say it in 20? More bang for the buck. (and feel free to stop reading)
So, about 4 years ago there was an Albertson's store near our house that was going out of business. And the cosmetics were 90% off. I know! So, I stocked up on mascara. Because I am a little bit of a mascara snob. Once I find the kind I like, I stick with it (kinda like the husband and his deodorant). I believe I purchased all they had- 7 tubes.
Well, wouldn't ya know, that mascara ran out. In November. And they have stopped making that particular mascara. So I was forced to purchase a different kind. And I was not happy. For about four days. Until I got the hang of the new mascara. And then I was like, first impressions what? Cause they can be proven wrong.
And now I love that mascara. But this is not my confession.
I have a mother who has bestowed many gifts upon me. And they are non-descriminatory gifts. And, although I try to be a gracious person, I would prefer if I had not been the recipient of one of these gifts. That one gift being gray hair. I have some. Actually, I have a lot. And so I have taken to the practice of artificially enhancing my brunette tresses. Mostly because I like me better without the gray. And then partly because I think you like me better without the gray. So, I do it for me and for you. You're welcome.
Early last week my roots were betraying me and showing that silver color. And I knew I was due for a dye. Yet, I wasn't in the mood to do a full-on total hair dye, so I opted for a roots-only dye. And it was wonderful and quick and I was finished before the husband knew I was doing it. (he kinda likes to watch when I am coloring my hair. Dunno. Ask him.)
This very afternoon, as I was looking in the mirror, to my horror, I was greeted with silver roots. Right on the tip of that widow's peak. And I was disgusted. Because, hello, only one week?
But, you know what? I love that mascara more today than I did yesterday. I don't think anyone will know. Well, except you.

And because I know you won't tell, please accept this bonus photo as a token of my appreciation.

You may have noticed that there are still boxes in my house. But that is a confession for another day.


SHERI said...

you had some great hair back then steph! ( and still do) I would love to see the rest of your photos. I just may have a few of you in my old albums!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I LOVE that - double duty mascara!
And, fashion aside, at leasy YOU were still young in the 90's! (I was having babies #3 and #4!) Bah!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Wow! For a minute..I was wondering why you had posted a jr high picture of me....

I remember those days! I'm pretty sure I had hair to rival yours! Love it!

For the record, you don't show pictures of yourself enough...I don't know why!

CaJoh said...

For the past few years I have been noticing that I have a lot of Grey… especially when I grow a beard. Perhaps I should use mascara to dye my beard too.

Gota love it when the kids pick up the old pictures of you and just can't believe that you were ever young.

Thanks for sharing,

uniquelynat said...

k- first time ever for this experience- when i looked at that picture of you from high school i think i saw a sisterly resemblance. never thought we looked that much alike.

and i think i will not show the husband that picture lest any of those old freshman infatuation feelings rekindle. hehehehe you always did have great bangs that he appreciated and i think has mentioned more than once.

can't wait till the day when your children really do figure out ALL your secrets....won't that be a bummer day. do you think they ever truly will? do you think we have yet with our mom?

Nathan said...

Oh, I'm totally asking the husband about why he likes to watch you dye your hair.

Count on it.

Claire said...

I missed the tall bangs, era but sure do remember the fluff of the 80s. Two sets of hot rollers before school. Thanks for sharing.

Mechelle said...

we have been in our house since June and still don't have all of our boxes unpacked. They are all hiding in the master bedroom.

Kristin S said...

I LOVE the high school picture! It brought a big smile to my face! I think I had the same shirt in pink stripe--didn't we wear those to MORP? I love the hair--you always had the best hair! OK so who is the Primary President? And who else is in your new ward from high school?

Randibee said...

Too bad my hair is too light to be able to do the mascara trick! One more reason to be jealous of your beautiful hair! Luv U!

Sandi and Curtis said...

You are so funny! Who would have thought of masacra!!! Great! Sure miss you.