Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scents You've Been Gone

Ever since I met the husband I have been attracted to his scent. I love it. It's like watermelon, or something. Well, except when I am pregnant- because then I don't love the scent of anything. Anything.

When we dated, he used to wear this manly cologne. I loved it. I helped him pick it out on one of our first dates. And underneath the manly cologne, I could always pick up on that beautiful watermelon scent of his.

Once we were married, he continued to wear that yummy cologne until the bottle ran dry. And then, yummy colognes were booted off the budget. Because we were poor college students. And love doesn't buy cologne. So we were told. Oh, the injustice.

But now that we were married, I finally discovered the origins of that watermelon aroma. It was his deodorant. (He would tell you it is a musk- because he doesn't want people thinking he wears fruity scents- I still believe it has a hint of watermelon.) And he was a devout and loyal purchaser of that deodorant. Since junior high. And as far as he was concerned, he planned on waltzing into eternity- watermelon scent wafting behind. And I was ok with that. Because, as I said, I was attracted to that scent, happy to follow it into eternity. [Husband's note: I am officially hacking into this blog to say one thing: The label says "Musk," so I'm not the only one who would tell you that. And it IS good smelling. Mmhmm.]

And so, for the past 14 years, I have snuggled many a time up to the watermelon-scented armpit. Until last week.

Ever since our move, this magical deodorant is nowhere to be found. It seems the stores in our new town do not stock it on their shelves. It was a bitter blow to both of us. We didn't think we had moved that far off the grid. And it became one in a long line of our moving hiccups. I don't know if there has ever been a greater tragedy written.

And so, with much trepidation, and visits to three stores in one night in the hopes of finding a golden tube of B.O. stick, the husband relented and stepped WAY OUTSIDE the box, purchasing a new brand of deodorant. Approved by my cute self, of course. After all, I will be the one snuggling up to those pits.

The morning after the purchase I had many errands to run and little people to taxi all over tarnation (btw- we didn't actually move to tarnation, so don't try to look us up there), so I was not present for the maiden application of the new stick. And now, thinking back, we really should have made a big ol' ceremonial deal out of this. But, he applied it without me and carried on with his day.

When I returned later that morning, I had some things to report to the husband, so I knocked quietly on his office door- because I didn't know if he was in a meeting or not. (Did I mention that the husband now works exclusively from home? He does. And I love it!! That means I have the husband 24/7!!)

As soon as he opened the door, the most desirable aroma charged my nostrils. It was the kind of aroma that does something for a girl. And I just couldn't help myself. I threw my arms around his neck and whispered, "You smell so good!" I whispered because I knew he was on a conference call with a client.

Funny thing is, he had his phone mic right around his neck. I hadn't noticed. It was in just the right spot for me to broadcast that proclamation to all involved in the call.

But at least now his client knows that he has a very talented AND yummy-smelling professional working in his behalf.

Love that man. (the husband, not the client)


K said...
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K said...

Let's try this again. I think I misread your post the first time. Sorry.

I'm glad you're settling into your new place, that you found renters, and a nice new scent for your hubby. (o:

Mechelle said...

i love it when my hubby smells good too :o}

Lizdee said...

I remember that same smell of him from growing up around him.

Shannon said...

They stopped making the scent Greg always wore and it was a very sad day here, too. Glad you like the new and that Mr. Client knows all about it! (Though I think I'd have died from embarrassment!)

Randibee said...

I will have to smell Chris more closely, I guess. I hate it when a favorite product that I have been using for years disappears. But glad to see that hubby still smells good!

uniquelynat said...

a good smelling deoderant is a must for me as well...since i am right at armpit height to my hubs too. glad you found one you totally approve of!

Ginny said...

ummm i LOVE that smell....and I always tried to figure out what it was too!! and im so glad i finally did...and im sad that i will never smell it again on him....it's just .....him....!!! but glad that he smells good now too and that all his conferencers know!

The Colliers said...

Welcome back to the land of blogging. We have missed your bi-weekly posts around here. Now we need lots of pictures of the new house, the deoderant, and the husband's arm pits! Actually, pictures of the first are all we really need (sorry "Husband" no disrespect to your armpits intended.) We are so happy that you guys are doing so well.

Roland & Alicia said...

You crack me up!

Sarah said...

It's always nice when an attempt at a new product actually works. And when the new product doesn't work, it's really annoying. Success is sweet.