Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dear Husband,

Ever since I got home from helping in the girls' classrooms this morning, I have been working very hard on something. Very hard. And I hope to have it finished before you come out of your office. Because I think it will be a nice surprise for you.

You know that mess of boxes in the corner of the kitchen? The one by the back door. Yes, that's the mess to which I am referring. That herd of boxes that were the last ones packed up in the old house- because they were all the miscellaneous items that we didn't know what to do with? Yep, the items that we just tossed into a box? The stuff that I really wanted to just light a match to and watch it go up in flames? I don't think we would have missed any of it. Much.

And you know how they have been sitting there, lo these 2 1/2 months? Well, they have been emptied. And they are no more. And all the stuff has found a place. And I still wonder if it might not have been okay to just throw it all away. Except, I did find all the aprons among the junk- and all the chip bag clips. Glory be!

And now, they are waiting by the garage door, for you to break them down. Because I wanted you to claim a little part in this victory. Ownership, you know.

So. The moral is: we can fully open the back door now without it banging into boxes. Plus, we can slide the window above the boxes open more easily since we won't have to bend over the barrier the boxes creates. YESSSSSSSS! (with fisted arm pump, except you may prefer the fisted arm pull. whichever.) Plus, we probably could have left the boxes there forever or thrown them away and we would have been okay.

Now, if you want to see that corner looks like, you should come out of your office and check it out. And give me a kiss.

Your adoring (and hard-working) wife

P.S. I also picked up that balled-up sock in front of the boxes. You know, the one everyone has been walking past for a week, pretending it isn't there? You're welcome.


Noelle said...

Oye...I have about 5 of those boxes filled with my husband's stuff that I wish I could throw away...but I know the minute I do he's going to say:

"Hey, where's that fake candle that you turn on with a switch?"

Annette Lyon said...

Getting rid of those little cluttery things really makes you feel good, doesn't it? (So you'd think I'd do it more often . . .)

Way to go!

Chris said...

Sigh. I came out to kiss you and you are no where to be found.

Oh, and the kitchen looks great too. Good job on the boxes. I didn't even notice the sock. But you are amazing. How do I deserve you?

Come kiss me when you get home. If you want.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Way to be! If you're still feeling motivated..I've got some piles of clutter that need desperate attention. Just sayin'

uniquelynat said...

YAY!!! way to go sista! all in a days work right?

Loralee and the gang... said...

Why do we always end up with a few boxes like that when we move? So annoying...

Heidi said...

That is a GOOd feeling to be all unpacked...whew! I just moved our last official moving box out of the kids' closet and down to the garage today for repacking and storage...sentimental stuff I don't need but can't throw away. be a pack rat...glad you are settling in. and that was nice of you to share the load and let the husband break down the boxes. you are such a sharer like that:)

CaJoh said...

I love the comment about the rolled up sock…

Don't know how often we have stuff that we don't know where it goes. I come from a family where everything has its place. If something is homeless I never know what to do with it. So glad that you were able to sort through the miscellaneous boxes and find them a home (I'm sure they are fist pumping as we speak).

Nathan said...

Wait ... you only had 4 boxes of junk you didn't know what to do with? I must say I'm impressed.

I don't dare count ours. I have a feeling they have reproduced by now. Like rabbits.