Monday, April 5, 2010

He Thinks of Everything

The week before Thanksgiving I mentioned to the husband that, because of the favorable real estate market (for buyers) in our area, we should maybe look at some land and think about purchasing a lot to build our dream home on at a later date- when we could afford to sell our home and not lose a fortune.

So began the quest for a nice lot- closer to family. And so began the lists. The list that listed all the things we required in a nice lot. And the list that included all the elements of our dream home. (that we would build at a later date)

We contacted our favorite realtor- the one who helped us find and purchase our first home- and gave him a list of the qualifications for the perfect lot.

The day before Thanksgiving we went out with our realtor and looked at some great lots.

We spent Thanksgiving day with the family and talked about our dreams of moving closer and all the magical elements of our future dream home. And all the family was supportive and excited. And we did our Thanksgiving craft.

The morning after Thanksgiving, SuperRealtor contacted us first thing with some important information. It seemed that he was finding homes at amazing prices- ones so low that he was convinced a home could not be built on the lot for the prices he discovered on already constructed homes.

So we loaded up the children and met SuperRealtor to tour some homes. But, we were not intending on moving so soon. Because, what were we to do with the house we were living in? Renters? I think not!

We were to look at around 10 homes that day. And after we looked at the 10th home, we asked SuperRealtor if we might be able to return to the first home we looked at that day to get a second peek- and to see if we were remembering it correctly. We were.

And we put an offer on that home that very day. Because it included almost all the items on our list for our perfect home. Almost all, I say, because there was not a special retreat in the master bedroom where a reading nook could be incorporated- and a reading nook was on the list. (Although, the master bedroom is quite large enough for a comfy chair and room for a reading corner)

But we were excited about this home and how perfectly it fit our list.

This past weekend the husband and I had a date. And he had a surprise for me. He presented me with an e-reader. A nook- from Barnes & Noble.

And now, after only 2 months of living in my perfect home, the husband has made sure that I have my reading nook.


Roland & Alicia said...

How cute!!

Nathan said...

Be sure to give him 57,000 pun points for that one.

uniquelynat said...

and the best part about your nook is that you can change it around as often as you change the furniture arrangement in your home! wowee! what a great gift! it's a cute little nook.

Heidi said... is all i can say.