Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Children,

I believe I am a pretty reasonable mother. I don't generally demand senseless and absurd actions of you. So, when I decide that I will take a nap (because sometimes mommies are a little tired when they have been up all hours of the night cleaning up throw-up) and request that you let me have just a little time, I pretty much mean that during my nap I will not be available to:
  • blow up beach balls
  • play army men
  • decide whether or not you can have a pop tart
  • check out the scab that just fell off your lip
  • put your hair in a ponytail
  • warm up your chicken nuggets
  • tie superhero capes
  • log you onto the internet so you can play your favorite educational video game
  • referee the disagreement over whatever you are disagreeing about and need a referee for
Next time, I expect to have a nap. No interruptions. I'm not a very happy mommy when I am tired and someone repeatedly wakes me up. Maybe you could ask Dad about that.

Sure do love and appreciate ya.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad I only have a baby. I just nap when he does. But naps are essential as a mom.

Amy said...

I tend my niece and nephew at least one day a week and after lunch Auntie needs a nap. I make sure they have a movie to watch and my nephew cuddles up next to me, while my neice sits near my feet on the couch. However, they never let my sister take a nap.

Michelle said...

Oh Stephanie, I feel like we are kindred spirits. I laugh with you as only a sleep deprived mother can. We are contemplating the possibilities a couch of velcro could have in our home. Just imagine. You put in a movie and then carefully affix each child to their designated spot where they will remain until you come to remove them. Hey, a mom can dream... just not sleep apparently!

uniquelynat said...

nor is it a time for:
opening and closing plastic easter eggs, reading a story from the friend, playing race cars or dinosaurs, looking at the dead bug.... *sigh* i feel your pain sista!

Mom said...

I just had this happen when I was catching up on your blog and it seemed to fit here. Today when I was unavailable my son decided his tie needed ironing and because he couldn't find me he tried his best to do it on his own. When he couldn't find the silk setting he decided to just go for it anyway. Then when I was available he showed me a tie with missing fabric. I explained that you don't iron silk and the only way to make it look good was the dry cleaners. He left and a little while later came back and asked me how to clean the fabric off the iron. I couldn't help laughing.