Thursday, June 10, 2010

Whatcha Doin?

Try not to lose your lunch on this one, k? But, if you will, travel back to the second grade with me. Come on, it'll be fun.

It amazes me that elementary school kids are telling the same jokes we told as kids. And they think they are all original. Well, my children hit on a little originality about the last week of school. In the form of a little dialogue that I had never heard before.

And it goes something like this. (who am I kidding? it goes exactly like this- i have it memorized)

person 1: Whatcha doin?
person 2: Eatin chocolate.
person 1: Where'd ya get it?
person 2: My doggie dropped it.

Try as I might, I have not been able to purge this joke from our household. I have told the children I think it is gross and inappropriate. And somehow it keeps resurfacing.

In fact, yesterday as the children and I were watching "Up", all I could think of when the little scout in the movie was feeding chocolate to the bird, was that oh-so-funny doggie/chocolate joke.

And then as a family last evening, we participated in Humanitarian Service at the church. Before we left the house, I popped a lemon drop in my mouth (yummy- lemon drops take me back to the second grade). On the walk to the church, I was talking to oldest daughter when she realized I had something in my mouth. She asked:

Whatcha eatin?

And although she wasn't quoting the joke verbatim, I couldn't resist. So I delivered the next line flawlessly. And a huge smile spread across her face. Because Mom had finally joined in on the inappropriate joke. I think kids like that kind of stuff on occasion.

Just see if you don't find yourself rehearsing the dialogue in your mind on the way to swimming lessons tomorrow. A little caution, though, when your kids ask why you're smiling, don't share the joke with them. You'll never hear the end of it.


HanksFam said...

I love it. We were up in Provo last week with Chris and Heidi and that joke was traveling around their household as well.

Mouse said...

Did you realize that that is only the first stanza of that poem? The rest goes like this:
"Where d'ya find it?
In the sewer.
What do you call it?
Doggy manure!"

Noelle said...

I'm so happy that this will be in my head now for the entire day. Thank you very much. :)

Susan said...

UGH! I HATE that joke, but, of course, my kids ADORE it. Go figure.

Sandi and Curtis said...

Sick! How do you get rid of it now?!

marcy said...

it's me, yes, "magical loving person", and I read your blog today! WOW! you have a gift- it makes me envious! AND you make me smile and feel good inside! thanks sis!

Annette Lyon said...

My kids are constantly stunned when I already know their punchlines. "We told that joke when *I* was your age."


Bre 10-E said...

haha i love that you posted this so long ago and i am just now reading it because two days ago my husband was quoting it for over an hour! i wanted to punch him! haha and now thanks to this post, i will be quoting it in my head for the rest of the night...funny stuff stephanie!