Monday, July 19, 2010

Do You Ever...

pick the pickles off your burger and give them to your children?

sit outside and watch lightning storms?

hold hands with your husband while he is driving and kiss that hand of his?

throw away one of your children's treasured toys by burying it deep, deep down in the garbage can because you are sick of looking at it or you just don't want to have to pick it up one more time?

carry out a secret practical joke and really wish you could be there for the reaction?

daydream while you do your dishes?

wonder how women do everything they do and still remain sane?

use your dishrag to mop your floor?

wish you could sit and read a book, or even a paragraph, uninterrupted?

take a fabulous meal to someone
and then serve your family cold cereal for dinner- in paper bowls?

lay snuggled up beside your husband and share with him your grandest dreams and your deepest fears?

write letters of gratitude to people you love?

smile at your children, and let them see your face light up, when they enter the room?

put on your make-up only because you don't want to have to feel sorry for what your husband has to look at when he gets done working?

have hammock time with your middle daughter because it is what she wants most to do with you, even though it may be a million degrees outside?

put off family pictures because you don't love the extra pounds?

hold a baby and drink in their sweetness?

wonder how you are so blessed?

go on a date with your husband and wish
you didn't have to return home to responsibilities?

spend a whole day in your pajamas--- on purpose?

wear the macaroni bracelet you were given for mother's day
on a day other than mother's day?

wish summer would never end?

meet someone and want to be best friends with them, but for some reason you are too shy to "make the first move" because what if they don't want to be best friends with you?

get butterflies when your husband looks at you in a social setting and smile
because you know you are the one who gets to go home with him?

feel like you are so happy, you don't know who to tell first?


Audra said...

no, yes, yes, YES, no (you are so sneaky), yes, yes, yes, yes, nope (my husband would kill me;) yes, yes, yes, yes, no (but I would if I had a hammock), no (pictures are too important), ah yes, and all the time.

Sounds like you are having a great summer. Me too. Love the blog. Keep 'em coming.

Answers to the rest - 7 more yeses!

Noelle said...

Here's what I hope. I hope that when I've been married as long as you've been married, I'll have the kind of realationship with my husband that you have with your's. You inspire me...really.

typewriter heather said...

I usually use my dishrag to mop the floor. And I have given someone a meal and then simply not had dinner.

Ruth P said...

I love this post! I seriously feel like I could answer "yes" to almost every single one! (Except for the pickles, I love my pickles!) And don't be scared to make the "first move," I want to be best friends with you too! :)

uniquelynat said...

yes. simply...yes.

Me (aka Danielle) said... almost all of the above! Life is good! Isn't it?

Mechelle said...

I need more of them to be yesses, except the pickles, my second son pick them off of his and gives them to me :)

Nathan said...

I think I know what practical joke you're talking about.

It was CLASSIC. And brilliant.

I think everyone in the office was thrilled that I finally got what was coming to me.

Nikki said...

YES YES YES!! Great post.