Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh what did we do in the summertime? (alternate title: the day you regretted clicking on someone's blog)

remember that one time i asked you what you do in the summertime? and you gave me some great tips? yeah, that was cool.

i thought you might want to know what we did with your suggestions. so i'm going to tell you, because today is the first day of school and that's what you do on first days of school-- you get to tell all your friends what you did over summer break. 'cept not oldest daughter, because she is home sick. and that is sad for her-- she was looking forward to this first day.

what we did over summer break:

put flowers on graves

played in the snow

wrote love notes in the sand

scoped out and took pics of beautiful yards

went on lots of hikes

visited indian ruins

visited old volcanoes

visited candy factories

hung out on the front porch

visited BYU

rodeo-ed.......................................... parade-ed......................................... carnival-ed

played indian with the bow and arrow grandpa made and the headdress grandma made

cut down trees and did miscellaneous projects for grandma and grandpa

consumed more toast than is necessary

played at the park

flew airplanes with grandpa

went to early morning hot air balloon festivals

turned 8!

swung on high, crazy swings

canoed on the lake

followed the directions of our gps friend, meg. drove a lot, and panned for gold

visited the aquarium and watched joe clean the tank

went to the beach

visited church history sites

visited light houses

gave grandma and grandpa a heart attack

visited temples

bought some knives from a dang cute salesman

played some pretty awesome practical jokes

wore full-on winter clothes in the stinkin' hot middle of summer

enjoyed monsoon sunsets

made back to school cookies

what did you and yours do this summer?


Noelle said...

I mostly just read blogs about what other people did this summer. It looks like you had a great summer!!!

Liz said...

I was there for some of that! Make me happy.

Sweet Tea said...


and it looks like a lot of F-U-N!

Khourt said...

Fun!!!! (Im stealing your heart attack idea) Too cute!

Claire said...

How glad I am to have shared some of your summer. Can't believe it is already over for you.

Elizabeth said...

FUN FUN FUN!!!! So sorry it had to end for you and the family! Back to school is never fun- we start next week- what the heck is with school starting so early in our state anyway??? It seems a serious crime to me! Here's looking at FAll Break!

Nathan said...

I got tired just reading about all of that.

And I'm probably disproportionately excited about my desk making it onto your blog. I think everyone here is grateful someone finally got me back for all the stuff I do to them.

Joanne said...

Ok thats it! My life is boring and I wnat to move in with you!!...ha ha

Sandi and Curtis said...

What a great summer you guys had! We did Girls' Camp (me in the motorhome) and fighting graffiti in the HOA! Our vacation time starts soon!!