Monday, August 30, 2010

14 Today!!

Today our little family celebrates its 14th birthday.
We can't wait.
The children have big plans.
We're beginning with breakfast at i-hop
before school, because how fun is that?
And we'll prolly end the day with cake and candles.
14 candles.
And we'll prolly light them 3 times,
so that each of the children gets a chance to extinguish them.
On their own, with no interference.

The husband and I snuck away a couple weekends ago
so we could celebrate in private.
And the husband has been promising a guest post
about our amazing weekend ever since,
and he has yet to deliver.
I just have one thing to say-
dude, you better hurry and post something,
because a weekend that awesome
just has to be blogged about!!

plus also, i love you!


Roland & Alicia said...

Your family is so cute! Enjoy your special day!

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ruth P said...

So fun! My kids love celebrating our anniversary as our family birthday! And I am anxiously awaiting the guest post!

Audra said...

Love the pic and can't wait to hear about the couple's getaway! Anniversaries are the best! Happy 14 years!

uniquelynat said...

happy annie guys! we sure love that you are a part of our extended family! and happy birthday! what fun for your children. i-hop is my children's fave. all they get to do on ours every year is go play in the snow. but we love it anyway.

Kaylyn and Rob said...

Happy Anniversary!! Can you believe it has been 14 years? Time flies when you are having fun!! I love how it is so easy to remember your anniversary :) Glad you had a great day. Can't wait to hear about your weekend.

Heidi said...

Happy 14th Mrs!