Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I've Got, I'll Share

here's what i got:

the husband hearts taylor swift, like, if he were at her concert, he might put his hands together to form a heart solute and aim it in her direction (i don't blame him, i kinda heart her, too)

i bought a purple shirt while we were in utah- donny osmond purple- not a fan of purple normally, but i have worn it a couple times and i like it. yay for trying new things.

the husband and i finished reading the mockingjay last night, i cried. because, oh katniss, what a life.

working on an awesome lesson for church on sunday. and i have loved studying deeper in the scriptures so that i can have a little more insight on the topic.

middle daughter and i have been working on a sweet project for the past two days. i love to see her smile in anticipation of its completion.

i sent my girls off on the bus for the first time in their lives this morning.

anticipating a fun night out with my sisters and mom.

the husband has been installing ceiling fans at our house. and re-wiring switches. he shoulda been an electrician, because when i look at him, i feel electricity. all. the. time.

i was scammed on tuesday. dishonest people. hmph. stupid me. (don't tell my kids i said the "s" word, k? because we don't say stupid at our house)

my kids are on a brady bunch kick. love those bradys.

today is 90210. i feel like we should celebrate. dinner at the peach pit anyone?

can't wait for this long weekend!!


Noelle said...

did you like the book? i'm starting it tonight but have heard such mixed reviews about it!

i loved the electrician comment! :)

Heidi said...

peach pit it is...only if I can bring Brandon Walsh:)!

Ginny said...

you got scammed?? what happpened?

uniquelynat said...

that was a fun bit o sharing. and it was a fun evening. thanks for making the trek!

Mechelle said...

Poor Katniss, I really like the series, somewhat depressing. Makes me happy for the life I live.

steve martin said...

I really like the series