Thursday, August 12, 2010


Thank you for all your encouragement and support after last week's crazy mommy post. I know as mothers we all experience days like that- and it's good to be reminded I am not alone. And, as I expected, I woke up the next day and all was well. I was just having a moment.

Tuh-day is picture day. At school. For my girls. I sent them off looking their absolute cutest. And I was going to take pictures, but then I realized that was kinda silly.

Pictures of picture day.

Silly because, hello! they are getting their pictures taken AT school. And it will prolly be after recess. And their hair will be a mess. And all a picture before school would do is remind me how cute they looked when I dropped them off this morning. Before recess- and 110 degree temperatures and a thousand percent humidity. And so, I took a moment to fix the picture of their pre-picture cuteness in my mind. Blonde curls and brown ponytails with red ribbons- not many things are cuter than that.

On the way home, I cranked up the tunes. And channel surfed. I stopped on the station that was playing Deep Blue Something's Breakfast at Tiffany's. I had to stop and hear that song, because it reminds me of good days. Days spent working at BYU's Morris Center, where I had lots of great moments.

Breakfast at Tiffany's reminds me of Phil. On Phil's first day at the Morris Center I was on the loading dock and he was unloading the truck. And it was loud. And he introduced himself to me and I to him. Because of the noise, he thought I said my name was Tiffany, which it is not. More like Stephanie. But, Phil heard Tiffany- and from that day on, I was Tiffany to Phil.

And, how do you go back and tell someone your name is not Tiffany? Especially after it has been a couple weeks and they are crushing on you?

So, I tried to summon the courage to correct cute Phil.

One day as we were hanging out at the time clock, Breakfast at Tiffany's came on the radio. And Phil turned to me and said, "What about Breakfast at Tiffany's?" Wink, wink.

Perfect opportunity. I answered with a, "What?"

"Breakfast at Tiffany's. Like, breakfast at your place. How about it?"

giggle. "Ohhhhh, I get it. Except, my name is Stephanie. Not Tiffany."

"K, then how about breakfast at Stephanie's?"

And that was that. I was Stephanie to Phil. And we were friends for a long time.

Phil had a little crush on me for a while. Until he and the husband had an economics class together and learned that I was serious about marrying the husband.

But, songs. Aren't they the best? They are like instant reminders of great moments. Moments with mental pictures.

There are a few songs that bring back instant memories. Those are the ones I want on the soundtrack to my life, because I am sure that heaven has a DJ who is making awesome mix tapes of all our lives.

I am prepared to list a few of those songs right here for you:

Rhythm is Gonna Get You-- reminds me of my senior year in high school and the Junior Miss Pageant I participated in.

Mandolin Rain-- reminds me of being 14 and my first real boyfriend, Dylan.

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)-- ASU Institute dances.

The Light Divine-- reminds me of singing in a special Primary choir and my sister, Marcy.

Mission Impossible theme song-- reminds me of the husband. It's our song.

Thriller-- reminds me of Jeanette Eby and her yellow VW Bug.

Beautiful Savior-- reminds me of my sweet little family and singing in Sacrament meeting.

Come Sail Away-- reminds me of dating Vic.

Depeche Mode-- reminds me of dating Jeremy.

The Reflex-- reminds me of Laura Morena.

anything Erasure-- reminds me of Sandee Allen and the fun we had at their concert.

Only Wanna Be With You-- reminds me of crushing on Tom at the Morris Center.

Octogenarian-- reminds me of Jaelyn.

Caifanes (Spanish rock)-- reminds me of dating Colin.

Life is a Highway-- reminds me of my cute little son.

Waves and the Both of Us-- reminds me of summer 2010 with the husband.

Those are just a handful of songs that elicit great memories. I am sure you have some, too. What are yours? And what are the moments associated with them? Because, you gotta start making your playlist now so that the DJ has a little advance notice.


Sassy Sites! said...

I love your blog! SO cute! I would LOVE love LOVE to be added to your blog list... you are already on mine!! :)

...visiting from Sassy Sites!
(cause your blog is a Sassy Site!)

Susan said...

Breakfast at Tiffany's reminds me of BYU, too. Every time it came on at the Creamery, we'd sing and dance to it while we scooped ice cream. Not everyone appreciated our enthusiasm - our party pooper boss outlawed the radio from then on out. But, the song still brings back good memories :)

Claire said...

You really got me thinking. Now I'm going to have to put some songs to some moments. The sad thing is can't think of single one right now, but I'm sure after a few moments to think I'll have many.

uniquelynat said...

well i have never been much of a music person. am one of those people that says- you know that one song by that one person that goes...(and proceed to TRY to sing a few stanzas)

but here is some music that i KNOW you forgot on your list- WILSON PHILLIPS cuz it reminds you of cleaning your room with your awesome sister natalie and making up "sign language" to go along with it. yeah- you forgot that one.

That Girl said...

"Freshman" - reminds me of my brother. We'd totally pump up the bass and thought we were so cool

"Time of your Life" (Greenday) - senior year. I didn't vote for that song, but it was still fun.

Anything Boys2Men - Middle school. Uuuuuuuuuuuuurgh, middle school ....

So hey - I'm sorry I missed your post last week; I don't know how I missed it! Anyway, I wanted you to know that I totally have days like that too. One time I screamed at my kids to shut up so loudly that I actually hurt my throat.

(Did I just admit that online?!)

Wonder Woman said...

I've got "the soundtrack of my life" on my blog because that's really what it is. Nearly every song reminds me of my husband, because we made so many great memories in high school. Anything Matchbox 20 or Bryan Adams, in particular.

Time of your Life (Green Day) makes me think of my first year at EFY when two people from my group performed it.

You've got a friend (Carol King) makes me think of my mom.

I heard it through the grapevine (Marvin Gaye) makes me think of my dad. He had "The Big Chill" soundtrack, this song was on it, and now I love it.

Moulin Rouge songs remind me of my BFF/SIL.

Sarah said...

Chicago's "You're my Soul and Inspiration" reminds me of 3rd grade. Huey Louis' "Stuck with you" reminds me of school bus rides. And "Amazing" by Lonestar was the song that took my breath away when the husband and I were dating. Good times. :) Thanks for letting me remember!