Friday, September 10, 2010

somebody could get hurt

our ward is moving into a brand new building. i'm talking brand. spanking. new.

last night i attended building training- yes, building training. and i walked into the brand spanking new building and inhaled pure brand new goodness. love the smell of new construction.

the leadership of the three wards moving into the building were in attendance. and we learned cool things- like how much these buildings cost. and the gym floor should not be abused. plus, the accordion doors only have one handle that moves up and down to unlock, so don't try to budge the other handle cause it won't. budge. and somebody could get hurt. plus also, we shouldn't let the deacons play on the chair rack carts, because somebody could get hurt. i think that was the caution following a lot of the instruction. somebody could get hurt.

i had to relate my experience of the ward council agenda e-mail with a friend who was sitting beside me and we shared a hearty laugh.

and, guess what? moments later, my friend turned to me and said, "your boyfriend just got here."

sure enough, there he was- the ward executive secretary. i was hoping to not have to see him til sunday.

i could only avoid him for about 10 minutes of the meeting and then we were face to face. and he said, "hey girl."
and i said, "hey boy. sorry about that email. i need to stop responding to emails late at night."

and he said, "no worries- it gave me a great laugh. and i needed it. "

and so we joked about it for a bit. and he is getting a special copy of the agenda ready for me.

and i am grateful that i didn't click *reply all* that night. cause, wow, in those cases somebody could get really hurt. like, my pride mainly.


uniquelynat said...

can't wait to hear what your *special* copy of the agenda entails! hopefully you share if it's really good. even if it is embarrassing a bit. :)

Loralee and the gang... said...

Ok, just catching up here and read the last 3 posts. That's just way way too funny! Sounds like the Ex. Sec. has a great sense of humor, though.

Elizabeth said...

I just want to say I think it's great your husband is ok with you having a boyfriend on the side who can print out copies for you! He is probably happy is doesn't have to do anymore printing for you..LOL That is great that the ex sec has such a fun sense of humor- and that you do too!

Nathan said...

Just a little jealous about the ward building. In ours, it has been expanded a couple times, so if we want to get from one part to another (and if the YW room is being used), we have to go outside into the snow.

I'm pretty sure a chimpanzee drafted the blueprints.

Randibee said...

Yay for the new building! And you are so funny. I always get a good laugh out of your posts!

Alan said...

Ok so now the pressure is really on here.. I'm going to have to come up some crazy fantastic agenda customized for just you. Well I have almost two weeks before ward welfare... Hmmm...