Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Like It

Time for a post, no?

Still waiting on the husband to post about our awesome anniversary getaway. But, it's not happening. So, I feel the need to give ya something.

Here's what:
I was feeling sick yesterday. I managed to clean two bathrooms anyway. And I cleaned an additional one today. And I am feeling better. And I love the smell of bleach in my house. Not a lot of bleach, but enough so that I feel like the germs are all killed. And also enough so that I can't smell all the other dirty smells in my house.

Little son watched 5 Star Wars movies while I was sick in bed. And I don't feel bad about it. Should I?

I feel like fall is just around the corner. Somewhere. Can't wait till I find the right corner.

Can't wait for the weekend, either. Ballet Under the Stars on Friday. So fun.

I love the husband. He brought me ice water while I was running this morning. Because he thought I might like it. And I did.

Plus, I love the husband because this is his morning routine:
  • He gets out of bed before me- everyday- and makes sure the children are up and moving.
  • While I am dragging my sorry bones out of bed, he begins to unload the dishwasher and puts all the dishes away.
  • He starts a load of laundry as I encourage the children to dress and eat.
  • He gets out the scriptures and begins with a song, then leads us in our morning scripture study and prayer.
  • After the children are off to school, he showers and heads into his office for the day.
Wanna know his after work routine? I thought so:
  • After work, he eats dinner with us and then gets up promptly and begins the dishes.
  • He plays with us and does odd jobs around the house.
  • On the nights when I am away from home taking care of church responsibilities, he makes sure the children are bathed and squeaky clean.
  • At bedtime, he gives piggy-back rides and tickles.
  • As the children are drifting off into dreamland, he reads to them from the New Testament. And they like it.
  • Then, he sits beside me on the couch and lets me put my feet in his lap as he rubs them. And I like it.
  • Once all these things are done, we snuggle in bed as we drift off to dreamland.
I don't think this is typical husband activity. I know I am blessed. And I don't write this to boast, but so that I can remember.

Because I like it.


Liz said...

You do have a great husband. I wish mine wasn't so busy so he could help out more--but he would if he could.

Nathan said...

Not to mention the "during work activities" where he is trying to do the job of 8 people while managing a schedule of meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting.

uniquelynat said...

great post. i like it. ;) i like when you post. you make me want to be better.

Sandi and Curtis said...

Sounds like my husband! Only I never get foot massages! Do you think your hubby could teach my hubby? Ha ha!